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Goo Hye-sun : Korea's new IT-girl

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Fresh faced Goo Hye-sun hit jackpot with her
role as Geum Jan-di in Boys Before Flowers

The new IT-Girl and blossoming CF queen is none other than lead actress in the highly popular drama Boys Before Flowers. 25-year-old Goo Hye-sun was recently interviewed. She talked about her new LG Teen Ring CF with LG Electronics. In the LG Teen Ring CF, Goo teams up with her Boys Before Flowers co-stars Lee Min-ho and Kim Bum.

Check out the LG Teen Ring CF:

Goo credits her acting skills to Jo In Sung whom she calls one of her "mentors". She worked with Jo In-sung in a series of Tous Les Jours CF last year.

Jo In-sung must have left a pretty good impression on the young lass as she
openly expresses her gratitude to him, and fondly calls him "oppa" (Korean for big brother). Goo further says that she worked with Jo on the Tous Les Jours short film CF series for 2 years. In that time, Jo In-sung oppa was always very patient with her. Many times during filming, Goo was afraid and nervous but Jo In-sung oppa would be a great encouragement and support to her.

Check out the said short films here:

Jo In Sung & Goo Hye-sun in Tous Les Jours CF (The Shoe Story)

Jo In Sung & Goo Hye-sun in Tous Les Jours CF (The Cake Story)

Jo In Sung & Goo Hye-sun in Tous Les Jours CF (Smooches)

Jo In Sung & Goo Hye-sun in Tous Les Jours CF (Balloons)

Source & pics credit: Osen

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Jandi and Jun Pyo finally kiss!


Anonymous said...

She's pretty impressive herself. I love watching her on Kotnamja!

KATE said...

She is a great actress...well deserved...very her *.*

|| Lyññ || said...

She's so cute!! Finally saw BOF yesterday!! Man is she such a good actress... haha... My mom couldn't stop laughing at her funny moments~~ ^^

Go go Jandi!!

Lea said...

Actually to be quite frank, I have never been impressed with her acting at all. I have watched her dramas like Pure 19 and now BOF and she has the tendency to overact in her portrayal.

I think she really got lucky to have gotten this role because any version of Hana Yori Dango will never fail. Good acting or sucy acting, anyone who gets to be a part of the Hana Yori Dango chain will be catapulted into stardom.

Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

HEEEEEY!!! Boys Before Flowers is supposed to START on our free to air KXLA and on KXLA-DT-1(Serves the Los Angeles area) in about ten minutes!!! OH YES!

Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

OMG This program is going to be SO GOOD. I'm already addicted, and I've only seen ONE episode!!

Orchid said...

Same here Vic...i've only seen one episode too!

Anonymous said...


i think what u meant by her acting was suck =overacting is only in comedic role?

have u watched her 2nd latest with eric shinhwa "The strongest chilwoo"?? and "the king and i"? i supposed u're not.

but as far as i knew her. she is a very talented actress. i blame the BOF director for her overacting as the director JKS is well known for his overacting drama. see My Girl and DGCH.

jicks said...

i love the Tous Les Jours CFs! My favourite one will probably have to be the balloon/proposing one... it's sickeningly sweet XDD``

frankly i'm a little jealous that ghs gets to call jis "oppa" lol but i am truly happy for her success w/ this series.

as for what Lea says, yeah you could say that anyone can ride the glory of the HYD plot but i applaud ghs's courage in accepting the role, knowing what she had to live up to.

her acting is intentionally exaggerated, to some it might appear like overacting but i think they are just trying to really punch the comedy in, kinda manga-esque, & really make it their own. the realistic version of the story has been done before so there is no use replicating those footsteps. on the other hand though if you look at ghs's more emotional, serious scenes, i think she is actually right on the money.

either way, BOF is living up to all the hype & more.

Jun Pyo & Jandi fighting!

Anonymous said...

heyo! I'm Goo Hye Sun's no. 1 fan.I like her cause even though she didn't put some make up in her face she looks like a princess and looks 20 y/o only!!!shes totally amazing and super incredible

i hope there's Boys Before Flowers 2 and 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 and many more!

Better role in Boys Before Flowers huh!go go Jan Di Fight for your lover named Gu Jun Pyo whos family is owned the Shinwa Company

By the way I'm Aila Marie Avila from Philippines.I always watching your program in KBS 1and KBS 2

Good Luck i hope you and Lee Min Ho are the best indorser of the whole world!!!

Indorse more!

Bye! Bye! Bye!

Chi said...

I think she's doing a great job as Jandi in BOF. In previous interviews and appearances in variety shows, she seems to be very smart and talented too.People like Lea should just stop hating her out of envy. I bet Lea's just a miserable person since she's not as pretty, smart and famous as Goo Hye Sun. Pitiful really!


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