Sunday, 15 February 2009

Hwanhee surprises Hwayobi on Valentine’s Day

Duet: Serenading each other with Endless Love

They were “man and wife” on the TV show We Got Married. Now that that’s over, it doesn’t mean they've quit doing nice things for each other…especially on Valentine’s Day.

Hwanhee, one-half of R&B duo Fly to the Sky ditched his own comeback performance halfway (getting his partner Brian Joo to hold down the fort for him) and popped into Hwayobi’s concert for a surprise duet of Endless Love.

Flowers: 'Here, these flowers are for you.'

Whoopsie: 'Seriously Hwanhee, I thought you knew I liked
red roses, not these whatchamacallit.'

Smiling thru the pain: Hwanhee stands and takes it as Hwayobi
gives him a shelling for getting the wrong flowers

Whack: Knowing she can't stay mad for long at that surgically-enhanced
gorgeous mug
, Hwayobi playfully smacks her "ex-hubby"
(Oooh, let me at him! :-P)

The “Dog Poop” (Gaettongi) couple serenaded each other with the saccharine sweet love song to the excitement of all Hwanyobi fans.

Awww, aren’t they cute together? Check out the fancam of their performance below:

Source: MSN News & Newsen

Fly to the Sky to release new album in Feb 2009

Fly to the Sky celebrates 10th anniversary


Anonymous said...

Is hwayobi pregnant? She looks like she is in that dress.

Anonymous said...

LOL of course not, she's not pregnant!!

Anyways, theyre so cute together, they should be together in real life!

Mona said...

Aww ho adorable...her voice is really good!

Dottie said...

Are they 'really' together?

cyndy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
cyndy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
cyndy said...

Dear, he did not ditch his very best pal Brian.. The perf is one in the afternoon the other at night..LOL.. He wouldn't ditch his 10 yrs partner..Anyway, their(FTTS) new Decennium album songs are very nice.. If u wanna grab hold of it, please come to the forum.. thanks>>

cyndy said...

He is so sweet he brought her flowers. He even wore the necklace ring she gifted him during Xmas in the WGM show but she didnt wear what he gave to her..The WGM show ended & unfortunately they are not together now..

Orchid said...

It was nice of him to make an appearance at her concert.

Anonymous said... was not HER concert was Hwanhee-Hwayobi Valentine's Concert...and he obvously didn't ditch

and that was not THE couple necklace she gave to him in was another 'couple necklace'...maybe she gave him another one..;p

Liz said...

Hee hee hee...Ok, ok, ok Hwanhee didn't ditch Brian....I'd still smack him.

Anonymous said...

if i'm not mistaken hwayobi is dating with Sleepy right??
that is what i heard in star golden bell challenge..
Sleepy admit that.he even said that,"she is so beautiful even when she is walking."
btw..i'm in love with brian!!

asiah said...

i hate watching dis video thinkng dat gaettong & nampyeong is only a fantasy while yobi & sleepy is actually real one...uhuh..
i miss watching WGM..hwanhee &hwayobi really look cute 2gthr

Najihah Razali said...

i hope they are married for real... they are so sweet together... what do you think?


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