Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Kim Suna and Lee Seung-ki drink Max beer

Bottoms up!: Kim Suna and Lee Seung-ki for Max beer

Boy, they sure look cute together.

My Lovely Samsoon actress Kim Suna (34) and singer/actor Lee Seung-ki (22) appear together in Max beer’s latest CF.

What's brewing?: The pair convincingly pretends that
the brand's the best

Last summer, the pair was voted as the celebrities most people want to go on a holiday with. It looks like Max beer taps into what people want and have gotten the two together for its latest promo.

Check out Kim Suna and Lee Seung-ki gulp down beer and dance in the CF.

Source: Newsen

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vivaironlady said...

i love sun-ah. i hope she'll make another hit comedy-drama. i don't mind if she's paired with either dong gun or hyun bin again :)

Anonymous said...

This CF is totally adorable!!!
Sun-Ah looks lovely and Seung-ki sooo cute. And all that chemistry in the air, love it!

Anonymous said...

Kim sun ah looks hot in that purple dress ^^
Man!, this lady can get along with every actor she works with, very versatile.
Hope they make a drama ;).

Anonymous said...

Hottie Seunggi and cuttie Kim Suna!
Great couple!! make me crave a Max Beer :P

Anonymous said...

i have never heard of both of them but kim suna really doesn't look like she is 34, she looks soo young!!

alodia said...

the fact that LSG has been always associated with older women and KSA on the other hand has always been associated with younger guys makes them such a cute and perfect pair for the CF... lovely lovely!

Anonymous said...

Suna looked so sexy and younger than her age. She looks good with younger men that`s why even they have a 12 years age gap, I don`t mind to see them together. LSK has the look similar to Gong Yoo.


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