Thursday, 19 February 2009

Kim Won-hee, Kim Sun-ah & Chae Rim become Cosmo Reporters

The 3 Editors
From left: Chae Rim, Kim Sun-ah and Kim Won-hee

The Korean Cosmopolitan has come up with a unique project called '3 Editor Project' where three lovely actresses take the role of reporters/journalists. The lovely ladies in question are Kim Won-hee, Kim Sun-ah and Chae Rim.

Top actors in their own right, these three have always harboured a dream of being a reporter at some point in their lives. With the '3 Editor Project' they get to live their dream.
In the March 2009 issue of Korean fashion magazine Cosmopolitan, you would be able to read stories from the trio. The magazine will hit stores on 20th Feb, 2009.

Kim Won-hee, Kim Sun-ah and Chae Rim are also close friends. In the '3 Editors Project' secion of the magazine, they will reveal their bond with each other as well as the story of how they each want to become a reporter.

Kim Sun-ah also expressed her wishes to do an interview with the hot Korean Flower Boys. She elaborates further, "I hope the interview will not be conducted in an interviewer and interviewee relationship but a relationship that is more relaxed and casual, like an elder sister with her younger brothers.”

This sounds like an interesting project but it's such a shame i can't read Korean that well. Even if i manage to get my hands on a copy of the magazine, i would only be able to appreciate the pictures. Also, i can't get over how gorgeous Kim Sun-ah looks in the picture above!

Source : Joins, GoNews, Hanfever


amy_meteorgdn said...

Hi, I thought you guys went for Korean class? At least you can understand a bit here and there.. keke? Still attending Korean class?

vivaironlady said...

well, whoever gets a hold of a copy ... i hope somebody will scan more pics from the zine and upload them online.

Orchid said...


yes we took Korean class up until Intermediate 1. Stopped already. However, with my basic knowledge of Korean and with the limited vocab, i won't be able to read and understand a standard magazine article.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, Kim Sun-Ah looks awesome in that pic above. I really really hoep she gets a chance to interview the BBF cast. I can imagine lots of fun and laughter there.

Now only if someone could translate...

Anonymous said...

I would love to buy a copy of the magazine and wonder will I get it in local (LAX) Korean supermarekt or only at the Korean bookstore


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