Monday, 9 February 2009

Lee Hyori and Vidal Sassoon target undergrads

Spring is upon us (not that we Malaysians would know since we are located right smack at the equator) and fashion conscious gals are all set to dazzle with the latest styles.

Day look 1: : 'I'm just a campus gal minding my
own business.'

Day look 2: 'I love books!'

Lee Hyori and Vidal Sassoon step in with some fashionable hairstyles for the young, hip and trendy. Targeting undergrads, style icon Lee Hyori (30) exhibits a transformation from ordinary book-totting gal to vampy club-hopping chick.

Evening look: 'Time to let my hair down...and curl it up a bit.'

Apparently it’s quite simple to look as good a Miss Lee Hyori (hair only guarantee…the rest are due to genes, I think) thanks to Vidal Sassoon's range of products .

Want the Gogo Wave style she sports below? You'll need to pick up some curl revitalizing treatment wax.


Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

What a sigh of relief. Coming in on a cold Monday morning, and finding wonderful photos of Hyori! You Go Girl!!!

Anonymous said...

I think they over-airbrushed her bc I couldn't even recognize her in the last two pictures! It doesn't look like her, lol~

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the airbrushing acutally takes away from her natural beauty! She looks way hotter than this, but she's still pretty hot in those photos though!

BeSerious said...

Severely photo-chopped! I guess they had to get rid of the wrinkles! =)

Anonymous said...

Puh-lease! I think she looks great! Who wouldn't want to look that good at that age! Hyori rocks!


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