Thursday, 12 February 2009

Lee Min-ki wears a sarong for Oishii Man

Faux pas: Lee Min-ki throws on a pseudo
Baju Melayu?

Can somebody please shoot Lee Min-ki’s stylist? How can the talent be allowed to walk around in that ensemble?

Lee Min-ki (Love Truly) wears a grey suit and mis-matches it with black traffic policemen boots (believe me, I spotted them on the policemen today while crawling through traffic!) and a batik sarong. Horror! And let’s not get started on that hairstyle.

Good lord, his look is a disaster to the nth degree. Dude, you don't wear a sarong like that. You can wear it like this:

or even like this (is this the Baju Melayu look you were aiming for?):

Anyhoo, faux pas aside, Min-ki who we believe was inebriated at that time, stepped out in Seoul to promote his latest flick Oishii Man, a joint project between South Korea and Japan.

Discussion: Co-star Ikewaki Chizuru (left) begs
the actor to change his clothes

It’s about a musician (Lee) who travels to Hokkaido, meets and falls in love with a Japanese girl (played by Japanese actress Ikewaki Chizuru). It also stars Jung Yu-mi.

Oishii Man actually premiered at the 13th Pusan International Film Festival in Oct 2008. However, it will only be released in South Korea on Feb 19.

Oops, I did it again: 'Yeah. I farted.'

Group shot: (l-r) Chizuru, Lee and Jung Yu-mi

Source: Newsen
Images: ABC Underwear & Simple Malaysian

Eugene and Lee Min-ki in the Philippines


coro said...

Yeah. Where's the stylist.. I'm ready to shoot! what has he/she done to my beloved Lee Min Ki.. oh! unbelieveable..

Orchid said...

Okay, now that's a wrong way to wear a sarong.

Lee Min Ki should come to Malaysia so we can show him how it's done! ;-)

Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

Looks like he consults Rain for wardrobe ideas! At least he has the excuse he was totally PLOUGHED! (A term for "very drunk"!!!)

(hehehehe never miss a shot at inclement weather!!!)

Anonymous said...

sarong's are cool
sarong hae!

Tyler said...

Alamak, that's so not the way to wear a sarong.

Rouge_Berry said...

it's obviously a kain batik! why not wear a pelikat? hahaha ,sarong rules!

Miss Healerzz said...

OhMyGee~ that is soooo wrong! Malaysian? Care to show how we do that sarong here? :3

wawa said...


Lee Min Ki so need a tutor from Malaysia how to wear a sarong!!!

Liz said...

Wawa, I appoint you his tutor ;-)

marcel said...

'i farted' ahahahha :D so funny...

h said...

It's a very Jo Odagiri look...that disheveled-eccentric-culturally inspired-unconventional-Japanese indie-artsy wannabe-creative thing going on. Well I see nothing wrong with it...Maybe he isn't all that superficial like other celebs.. He's a bit of a rebel perhaps. He isn't a matchy matchy fellow who must follow social rules for attire. Anyway..I think he intentionally wanted that slit to be more revealing. Well..I'll just say that I'm one of the few who prefers such looks than boring clean-cut.

dokebi said...

So it's not going to be released in Japan, elsewhere, etc?

ryneil said...

i wish i'm there to teach him to wear it.... who is his stylist???

yukilili said...

lol..those Malay boys pic look funny and cute...are they your friends?

aigoo~Min Ki should meet my dad.


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