Thursday, 12 February 2009

Lotte Mart to open outlet in 1 Utama

Lotte Mart started out as a community mini market in Ampang’s Koreatown. Today, it’s set to make its presence known by opening an outlet at the 1 Utama shopping mall in Petaling Jaya.


Mini market: Lotte Mart in Koreatown, Ampang.

Lotte Mart was established back in 2002. It was operated by a family that did it as a hobby as well as a social obligation to the Korean community.

From little acorns do big oaks grow, no?

Business has flourished since then, thanks to the growing Korean expatriate community in the city. Also, K-popped! Malaysians like us (yeah, you reading this blog), has contributed to Lotte Mart's expansion plans.

Lotte Mart 1 Utama will open in the trendy and extremely busy shopping complex soon (it’s currently under construction). It will be on the Lower Ground Floor (New Wing), next to the Cold Storage supermarket.

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joker13 said...

awesome. really near my house :D

Miss Healerzz said...

Cool! Now, when it's growing bigger, the possibilities of having the Hallyu stars coming over is...ehem, increasing. Shall I dream for that? *wink*

wawa said...


5 mins away from my house!!!
lately 1 Utama really into these Korean stuffs...
starting with The Seoul Garden (yes, i haven't have the chance to drop by), & they were having a Korean Food Festival last month (and i missed due to my busy schedules)... and now Lotte Mart... weeee

Miss Healerzz... i dreamed for that too :P

Anonymous said...

I am sooooo going.

yin said...

wooots ! a place for me to hang out on college lunch breaks. LOL !

|| Lyññ || said...

COOL! Can't wait!! hehe... that's one of my fave hang out malls!! Yey 1U!!

Anonymous said... is said to be opening at sunway pyramid,subang area soon too :)

Anonymous said... is said to be opening at sunway pyramid,subang area soon too :)


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