Thursday, 5 February 2009

Oh Ji-ho is a naughty boy in new drama

Model–turned-actor Oh ji-ho is set to portray a cheating husband named Ohn Dal-soo in a new MBC drama series entitled 내조의 여왕 (Queen of Housewives).

The 33-year-old will play a brilliant Seoul National University graduate who is jobless. When he finally secures a job, he starts an affair with his boss’ wife! Hmm, I guess he can kiss his raise goodbye.

Cheating hubby: Oh Ji-ho is a bad bad boy

Meanwhile, Ohn’s wife Chun (played by Kim Nam-joo) discovers the affair and decides to play dirty as well – she starts dating Ohn’s boss. However, it doesn't end there as things apparently turn out for the better.

A staff of the drama explains, “Queen of Housewives will be a drama to cheer up depressed husbands who are affected by the current recession. The double-cheating may seem quite immoral but Chun will eventually help her humble husband to become a great man and it will be interesting to watch.”

Oh ji-hunk is reportedly excited to work again with writer Park Ji-eun, who was also the scribe for the SBS drama Get Karl! Oh Soo-jung (2007). He is also reuniting with actress Kim Nam-joo, who worked with him in the movie I Love You (2000).

Oh last appeared in the KBS drama Single Papa In Love in 2008. The hunky actor will be jetting off to Yokohama, Japan for a fan meeting on Feb 14 and 15. The event is in conjunction with the release of his photo album.

Lucky Japanese fans. Yeah, Happy Valentine’s Day to you and all that jazz :-P.

Source: Newsen with translation by Joe Gimm

Oh Ji-ho at the 2009 Asia Model Festival Awards

Oh Ji-ho in charity fashion show

Oh Ji-ho holds fan meeting in Japan

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harley said...

Hello Zio Lady

Zio is working again in Korea. That sounds so to my ears.

Ever since I heard Zio was to do a new series I’ve been searching for conformation in English with the story line and so happy K-popped Sisters has it first. Fantastic!!!!

WOW! Zio a Bad Boy! I wonder how my sisters will like that?
I love the story line this looks like a good series for Oh Ji-Hunk.

Please Liz will watch “Queen of Housewives” and post some of your thoughts. It would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You Liz & Joe Gimm

Beginning ~Zio~ is the title of Oh Ji-hos 1st photo book for his fans.

Soompi Zio Lady Harleydaz - USA

Anonymous said...

LOLs..I want to have a torrid love affair with Zio!!


Liz said...

Hello Harley! Queen of Housewives is an MBC drama...we won't be getting it here in Malaysia :-(.

Maybe I'll just have to watch it on the computer? I don't fancy that, but for Zio I just might have to :-P.

Anonymous said...

Liz dear

I was taken by surprise why you are not getting "Queen of Housewives" in Malaysia. Are there no MBC channel? You mean you could only watch Kdrama of SBS and KBS?hmmm....
Anyway its so nice of you to post Zio new kdrama. Do you know if he is the male lead character?
Want you to know there is no day for me without surfing in K-popped.
Your blog rocks!!!!!!!

Thank You

Another Zio Soompi lady

nanienooraini said...

Could you please tell me where I can download Korean drama series/movies online for free? How's the pic quality? HD?
Khamsahamnida :)

nanienooraini said...

We only get to see programs on KBSWorld in Malaysia. We don't get to watch MBC or SBS unfortunately :(

harley said...

Hi Liz

I too wasn’t aware you did not have MBC in Malaysia. I’m in NY
I only have MBC what there is of it. One drama runs during the week and another for the weekend. I get to watch one episode per night. We never know when one ends what will replace it.
If possible I will watch the series on my computer also.

Can't start my day without

Soompi Zio Lady Harleydaz - USA

Liz said...

Hi gals,

Yup in Malaysia, we only get the KBS network.

I don't know where to watch dramas online because basically, I don't like watching shows on the computer. But I think there's crunchyroll and mysoju?

I'm not sure. Orchid has been downloading that Soong Il-guk drama from somewhere. I'll ask her where.

Anonymous said...

hi Liz, Harley n all Zio angels out there n "Happy Birthday" to Zio!

i'm a huge fan of Zio so it's really wonderful to know his new drama is doing well in terms of viewership rating ;) hope there are more great projects coming his way.

BTW, i how/where can i get a copy of Zio's photo book tt was launched in Jan? i really want a copy badly...

miss eLyA =) said...

oh i've recently discovered a web site that airs streaming asian series and movies. and its all of good quality! well,so far. u just have to sign up. dont worry its all free and soo easy.. they basically have evrything! its my new favourite website lol.. oh oh but i dont see any queen of housewives there.. so sad. ='(

well here's the site.

p/s: i love oh ji ho! i seriously sleep dreaming of him!! ~~~


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