Sunday, 8 February 2009

Rain’s protégé Lee Joon in Ninja Assassin

Look what fantastic opportunities await when you have Rain a.k.a Jung Ji-hoon as your mentor.

Lucky break: Lee Joon is delighted to be appearing
in Ninja Assassin with Rain

Twenty one-year-old Lee Joon is Rain’s protégé who has landed himself a part in his mentor’s upcoming Hollywood flick Ninja Assassin!

Lee Joon was discovered after an audition.

Ninja Assassin is scheduled for an Oct 2009 release.

Source: Newsen


^o^ said...

joo ji hoon's(no, not jung ji hoon) long lost brother

selva said...

that's the Rain's power hehe
I love Rain ♥

Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

Nah... He can't be a true protege, until he has a total international film bomb like "Spud Racer", and comes out with a really goofy line of clothes like Rain's "Clown Costumes"!

(Running for the tall grass hehehehehe...)


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