Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Shin Mina has sexy curves too

Curvy-licious: Shin Mina shows off her S-line

Looking a little like Song Hye-kyo in a Levi's jeans ad above is Kitchen star Shin Mina, who is posing in snug-fitting jeans for W Korea.

The 25-year-old is actually a model for Calvin Klein jeans. These photos of her in CK jeans will be available in the March 2009 issue of the fashion glossy.

Fillin' it out: 'It's all about the butt, baby.'

Source: Hankooki

Shin Mina to work on movie Billion next

Joo Ji-hoon and Shin Mina in Kitchen

Shin Mina poses for Calvin Klein

1 Comment:

Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

Wow what has it been, 6 or 7 years since "Pick up the Call", or "Answer the Phone"? And she still has that shape!! Good for you Mina!


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