Thursday, 5 March 2009

Boys Before Flowers OST

If you are watching the KBS 2 drama Boys Before Flowers, you can't help but notice the songs that they play over and over and over again! You might hate the songs at first, or find it annoying but as you continue episode after episode, the songs kinda warm up to you -- just like the characters in the drama.

With two F4 actors originating from boy band backgrounds, namely Kim Hyun-joong from SS501 and Kim Joon from T-Max, there's more than enough fuel to power the Boys Before Flowers OST.

T-max sings the drama's upbeat main theme Paradise and SS501 the brings in the ending theme Because I'm Dumb.

Other boyband tracks on the CD are SHINee's Stand By Me which is Kim Bum's theme in the drama. Yet another R&B boyband Someday croons the F4 ballad Do You Know?

The soundtrack also features songs from Seo Ji-young, Kim Yoo-Kyung, Ashily and Tree Bicycle.

Buy Boys Before Flowers OST from YesAsia! (US$13.99 / MYR 52.11) which comes with 7 photo cards and the legendary red F4 card!

Boys Over Flowers OST (KBS Drama) - Track List
꽃 보다 남자 OST (KBS TV 드라마)

01. Paradise - 티맥스(T-Max)
02. Because I'm Dumb (내 머리가 나빠서) - SS501(더블에스501)
03. Do You Know (알고 있나요 - 썸데이)(Someday) (꽃보다 남자 버전)
04. Stand By Me - 샤이니(SHINee)
05. Lucky - 애슐리(Ashily)
06. Starlight Tears (별빛눈물) - Kim Yoo-kyung (김유경)
07. A Little (조금은) - Seo Jin-yeong (서진영)
08. On More Time - Three Bycycles (나무자전거)
09. I know (Inst.) (with Lee Jung-sik)
10. Dance With Me (Inst.)
11. Blue Flower (Inst.)
12. So Sad (Inst.)
13. Main Title (Paradise Intro) - T-Max

Listen to the songs on IMEEM (Playlist 1, Playlist 2)

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Joe said...

Yea these tunes are quite addictive! (although I didn't feel so at first lol) I wanna get the OST...

Wawa said...

i love Because I'm Dumb!!! and since episode 17, they have used new songs... the 2nd OST will be out this month...

Orchid said...

@wawa...yeah i think that's a very wise move. One can only take so much of the songs :-)

hanie said...

correct me if i'm wrong but i think Kim Bum is part of super junior, only he is more known as an actor ( to me, at least!!!). i think he started as actor before joining super junior.

regarding BBF OST, at first their main song annoyed the heck of me but i ended listening to the OST every single day... dayum... BBF bug bite me deep..=)

Orchid said...

@hanie...Regarding Kim Bum belonging to Super Junior... isn't the Super Junior member Ki-bum?

Kim Ki-bum

I don't think they are the same.

selva said...

@ hanie "regarding BBF OST, at first their main song annoyed the heck of me"
lol I felt the same way, the songs were so annoying to my ears (and they still... especially that aaaaallllmmmooooosssstttt paaaarrraaaddddiiiissseee they play all the time .__. the music director should be executed .__. )

Wawa said...

people keep confused Kim Bum & Kim Kibum from SuJu...
they are totally 2 different person!

neway the new OST not bad just most of people miss the Because I'm Dumb ending... including me!!!

PicturesWeTake said...

Sort of wish Goo Hye Sun had a song on the soundtrack

Orchid said...

Oh i think if Kim Bum were in Super Junior, we would have all noticed! ;-)

boys before flowers said...

thankz for the osts =] im loving boys before flowers. are you ?

zaza said...

anybody know song played during they ride gondola in macau?

Robyn said...

I finally found it, the gondola song! “Con Te Partiro” by Andrea Boccelli.


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