Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Han Ji-hye in love & studying shoe design

Han Ji-hye is happy, contented and enjoying life

Once upon a time Korea's cutest couple - Lee Dong-gun and Han Ji-hye have found new loves. Only days after it was reported that Lee Dong-gun is officially dating Cha Ye-ryeon, now we find out that Han Ji-hye is also in a relationship.

Actress Han Ji-hye (25) is now dating a law graduate from Korea's prestigious Seoul National University (SNU) who is 6 years her senior.

Earlier this year, the two met at a church meeting (Bible study) and have been dating for the past three months.

Ji-hye and her beau photographed by Sports Seoul

Despite being a celebrity, Ji-hye has not gone into great lengths to keep her relationship a secret. Han and her new beau have been seen dating at a cafe in Gangnam and have climbed Mt Bukhan together.

Meanwhile, here are some pics of Han Ji-hye's recent visit to Florence, Italy to study shoe design. This is not a surprise as it was reported that Han will be joining fashion shoe brand "Jinny Kim" as a shoe designer.

Han Ji Hye in Florence, Italy - living her dream

Snapshots of Ji-hye in Florence,
a student of shoe design, learning day by day


ana said...

wow.. she's serious about being fashion designer. i respect her. i'm glad she has found a new boyfriend.. but a part of me still want her to be with donggun.. anyway, her first meeting is at bible study, so i think the new guy must be a pleasant guy.

wish her best of luck.

coro said...

I'm glad that both she and LDG has move on with their life.. They were once my fav korean celebrity couple.. I was so sad when they broke up. Anyway, maybe they are not meant to be.. Best wishes for them. This new guy seem like a nice guy and intelligent too.. law student, thats a wow!

hannhann said...

congratulations for Han Ji Hye

mike said...

I'd like to carry her doughnuts.


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