Friday, 13 March 2009

Look out for Lee Min-ho's digital single

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Lee Min-ho's going to sing?

You've seen him act and soon, you will hear him sing. Boys Before Flowers lead actor Lee Min-ho will be working with well-known songwriter Park Geun-tae to release a digital single.

The track, labeled as "exuberant club dance music" in style, will be sung by Min-ho himself. It is part of an advertising campaign for Cass beer which Min-ho is the brand model.

There will also be an accompanying music video directed by Cha Eun-taek who also directed Lee Hyo-ri's "U Go Girl" and "Anymotion".

Check out the digital single now!

Source: StarNews, Dramabeans


진혜인 said...

Omg!!! He can sing??? I never knew he can sing....

Thanks for sharing it ^.^

아이스Aiseu said...

hmmm...looking forward...


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