Monday, 30 March 2009

Rain’s bedroom antics

Sports Hankook scores some “intimate” pictures of Rain for an exclusive.

Waking up: 'Yawn, it's so lonely in my bed. Where have
you gone, Liz?' :-P

These shots you see of the star were taken during the filming of his Rain’s 24 Hours – The Day DVD.

There are pictures of the star getting up from bed, brushing his teeth and eating his breakfast. The pictures were taken by photographer Baek Sung-hyun who was on the set when they were filming for the DVD.

Dreamer: Rain dreams of all things how great
it would be if his lawsuit in the US is thrown out of court

Good morning!: In Rain's dream, he's being represented by
a superhot chick, thus the cheeky smile

Reality bites: Reality snaps the 27-year-old awake
and he's all moody again

Pearly whites: Rain invests time and effort to maintain
his million dollar smile

Shaven: He takes pains to look good too.
Stray whisker, be gone!

Nutritious: Some cornflakes and orange juice in the
morning is good for health and vitality!

Potassium: Rain...err, likes bananas too.
(I don't like this shot. - Liz)

Morning read: 'Where's the comics section?"

Found it!: 'Ha ha ha ha ha this Calvin and Hobbes crack me up!'

Source: Hankooki

Spend a day (& night!) with Rain
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Pidja Hot...

Rain Hawaii trial - the verdict's out

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Rooster said...

EeEeee... I don't like that breakfast shot either. It makes me confused.

And what a waste of shaving cream! lol. ;p

Orchid said...

Hahaha...when i saw the first pic, I laughed. When i read the caption, i laughed even harder. Really, that first pic is not flattering at all. And that breakfast pic...borders on the obscene. BTW...those look like pics from his 24 Hours THE DAY DVD.

Anonymous said...

i dont like him...

Anonymous said...

dude needs to put some muscle on his arms! they look like toothpicks!

Note to Rain: In exercise, don't just focus on abs... build muscle on the toothpicks too!

Orchidyaldix said...

Oh my....I love the bed pics!!! aaahhhh I can actually see myself next to him xD hahahahahhaaa...cutttteeeeeehhhhhh!!!!
oh....what's that??? a banana pic??? oh nonononono....nope....not my fav....
yaaaa!!! Rain ur so sexyyyy!!!!

fraulein said...

I would like the pics better if they had shot them later, like after he launched Rainism. The hair is so ewwwwww... I consider him sexiest man alive, but that hair-do is so wrong. On so many levels.

And the banana shot is inappropriate. Even if you try to approach it from an innocent way

Everything in ' 24 Hours ' is so posed. More so than his other stuff. Oh yah, Road for Rain was too.

Where is the natural Rain?

fraulein said...

Scrap that, we probably will never see the real or natural Rain. He has gotten too big

fraulein said...

One more thing,the first pic - brings new meaning to " (slitty) bedroom eyes". LOL

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics. I love them. I actually prefer his hair now to the purple color of Rainism.
Banana shot = not ok ever period

Anonymous said...

wow. gay overtones abound.

ana said...

eeeewww.. i dont like him...

fadedpicturesoldchampaigne said...

banana shot = noooooooo.

other than that, cute as usual!

love him.

Anonymous said...

agree with fraulein,the natural Rain we will see is the stuff coming down from the sky


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