Monday, 9 March 2009

Wheesung has Insomnia

Wheesung is set to stay up all night to unleash his version of Insomnia throughout Asia.

OK, ok, not really. The 27-year-old actually covered Craig David’s 2008 single Insomnia and his Korean version is set to drop in China as well as Hong Kong (apart from South Korea).

Insomniacs: Both Wheesung (left) and Craig David have Insomnia

On a lazy Sunday afternoon during a KBS Music Break, I caught Wheesung's MV...and subsequently got hooked on the song. The MV showcased some nifty dance moves and the addictive hook replayed in a loop in my head after watching the video.

Wheesung wrote the Korean lyrics for the song. It is reported that the MV will be aired on both the MTV Asia and Channel V networks. Excellent!

I've also watched Craig David's MV for the song and realised that Wheesung's version is much better. Whoo hoo...

Come on now!

Feels like insomnia ah...ah...ah
Feels like insomnia ah...ah...ah
Feels like insomnia ah...ah...ah
Feels like insomnia ah...ah...ah

Source: Newsen

Wheesung says Love is Sweet :-)

Pictures of Wheesung at home


selva said...

I'm in love w/ Wheesung even more after the song ^0^ and the song is indeed better than Craig David's lol weird, right?!

Anonymous said...

I like it!

Samantha Michelle♥ said...

wheesung's vid is better xD
I play the song on my ipod
everyday ; it's addicting

Anonymous said...

This is a very catchy song!

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of Big Bang :)

Thanks for sharing now I'm a fan of Big Bang!


Have you guys seen Korea's We Got Married? Im sure you will love JOONGBO - Hyun Joong and Hwnag Bo cuts on youtube...


Anonymous said...

Oh sorry! Thanks for posting Wheesung's song!

Im a convert!

Love it!

Anonymous said...

i still think Craig's original is better, wheesungs is still good but sometimes the korean doesn't match teh tempo of the song.

Ji-enne said...

Its getting addicting day by day. I've kept it playing for a week in my mp3 player. I listen to this song only for one whole freaking week ! Haha and Im still not getting sick of it.

justin said...

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