Thursday, 2 April 2009

Boys Before Flowers Farewell Party

Child actor Chul Yeon-han (who plays young Gu Jun-pyo)
asking Gu Hye-sun for her autograph at the farewell dinner

A semi-formal sit-down dinner was held to celebrate the ending of KBS drama Boys Before Flowers (꽃보다 남자). The production team and cast gathered for dinner, final speeches and farewells at Imperial Palace Hotel in Seoul.

The production team, helmed by PD Jeon Ki-sang (전기상) and main cast -- Gu Hye-sun, Lee Min-ho, Kim Hyun-joong, Kim Bum and Kim Joon were present. Many of the extended cast i.e. Kim So-eun, Lee Min-jeong, Lee Si-young -- to name a few, were also at the farewell party.

The cutie also asked Kim Hyun-joong for an autograph.
"Hyung...sign ju-se-yo" and Kim nonchalantly obliges.

Both Kim Bum and Kim Joon at the main table

Lee Min-ho (sans curly hair) was a little late
for the dinner due to a busy schedule.
He says FIGHTING after giving his farewell speech.

Check out Lee Min-ho's glitzy pants!

Boys Before Flowers Farewell party on ShowBiz Extra:

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Anonymous said...

gu hye sun's sense of fashion is horrendous.
or maybe it's just her stylist???

Orchid said...

@anonymous, yeah i thought she would wear better dresses now that she does not have to wear whatever the drama stylist asks her to wear. But that dress is still horrible.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about anyone else but does the picture with Lee Min-ho look (his style) look like T.O.P from Big Bang?

Laura said...

I like how Kim Hyun-joong is still wearing white!

Wawa said...

so cute when the child actor who plays young GJP asked for the autograph...

hyun joong with suit <3 min-ho, yeah! no more curly hair :P

Anonymous said...

OMG that little boy is soooo cuuuuteee!!! I love his outfit!
And Lee Min-ho = dead sexyy.

Orchid said...

@Laura...hehehe yeah Kim Hyun-joong is still in character - Jihoo sunbae!

Anonymous said...


Chianz said...

really disappointed 'bout the ending bcoz felts like they rushing for the whole drama but still can't shoot the most important episode like that..
Gu Hye-Sun's stylist was real bad,how dare they let her wore
something lookin soooo....

Anonymous said...

cannot understand why all of you say her outfit is ugly,i think it's beautiful~

Space gAL said...

Honestly, BOF would not have been such a success without Lee Min Ho.

Just think...without his existence, the drama could have been a flop...
HE was da reason why Korean women from 10s till 40s had sleepless nights on Monday/Tuesday nites and the reason why they stopped having "Black Monday" or "Monday Blues any more."

Originally, KBS thought BOF would DEFINITLEY fail due to the fact there's no big name stars in the cast and the fact that "East of Eden" (in which the heart-throb, Song Sueng-hun starred) was airing on MBC at the same time on MOn/Tues.
Originally, no one would have imagined that BOF's popularity would surpass East of Eden!!

I imagine after BOF get to be aired in other Asian countries, "Lee Min Ho" syndrome will sweep Asia like typhoon, just like Yon Sama did with "Winter Sonata"

Ahhhhh, I need to check into a rehab now for BOF Addiction..:(

In the mean time, I really hope the rumor on the Web that there will a 'special episode' next week is true...

BTW, check these out! ^^

BOF Farewell Pardee - Lee Min Ho

JanDi/JoonPyo MV(Rollercoaster Love-EngSub)

Unidentified said...


Lee Min Ho - HOT scenes from BOF*^^*

Orchid said...

[SPOILER ALERT] Don't view this video if you have not watched the final episode >>> BOF Farewell Pardee - Lee Min Ho. But then who can resist...:-P

Goodness, so many cameras flashing non-stop when Lee Min Ho arrives and when he gives his short speech!

@Unidentified...thanks for the Hot Scenes link. That video has only 6 views so far. Fresh out of the oven!! ;-)

Thanks to hantomai for the videos.

Anonymous said...

@LMH Hot Scenes video:

Awww, that naked -- hmmm, half-naked-- Junpyo's kissing scene with Jandi (clad in Junpyo's coat) always makes my heart flutter!
The sLLLOOOWWW stripping scene at the beach on an unmanned island in New M is super-shexi:), too.

F4 dudes and GHS will head to Japan this April (April 20ish) to have a fan meeting!
SO jealous!
I'll pray that they will come to Malaysia, too, some time..hehee

Wawa said...

seriously, this drama is an addction to me... totally turns my monday & tuesday night upside down... hahaha!

well, malaysian who subscribe to astro still has 11 episodes to go! me, although have watched it through the net (i woke up at 4am every tuesday & wednesday to catch the latest episode), i'm still watching it on KBS World like first time seeing it... hahahaha!

waiting for the original box set to be available in malaysia in 3-4 months time maybe!!! PMP, pali release~~~

Orchid said...

@wawa, please tell me when the Box set comes out! I am waiting for it too. =)

Anonymous said...

glad that u put Gu Hye sun's pic as the main pic for this story... she does not get much publicity as she should have..


Anonymous said...

@Space gAL:

I agree with you!! Yeah I'm sure there's other actors that can do better, but Lee Minho was just new. Even though he was in other dramas, he has never been a main character. I think he did a wonderful job on his acting. It was so real. Hahaha. I watched this drama because of him :)

I hope to see him soon with a better drama/movie.

Lee Minho Hwaiting!

daisyjane said...

Although Lee Min Ho is such a new actor, he did really REALLY well in Boys over Flowers. I can't imagine anyone else besides him as Gu Jun Pyo!!!

Sabrinaazalia said...

little jun pyo is really cute! i wanna have a brother just like him hohoho

awww i really miss all the cast! especially jandi, gaeul, jaekyung, junpyo's onnie, and of course the F4!
I hope the F4 made a boyband together just like the taiwan version.. so they will make a concert tour together hahaha

hannhann said...

who is the cute ittle boy?

hannhann said...

who is the cute little boy?

Anonymous said...

i like this drama sooooooo much~~
and i'm waiting for the season 2
i love all the members in it,hope they all can do a good job~~

Orchid said...

UPDATE: Check out the video clip of the farewell party on ShowBiz Extra, embedded in this entry.

Samantha said...

wow Kim Bum knowa what looks good on hiim

Anonymous said...

```You said it right```
```specially when she wears that stupid sweater of her in their shoots!!!````

IcE.cOfFeE said...

u are so cute girl...i like it...


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