Friday, 24 April 2009

Chae Yeon makes a comeback to the music scene

Sexy singer-turned-entrepreneur Chae Yeon is set to make a return to the Korean music scene next month.

Back in the game, baby: Chae Yeon is all set
for a comeback

The 31-year-old, who owns the fashion label Bequem, will be releasing her 5th album in the second week of May. Since Chae Yeon is such a sexpot, her upcoming album will once again bank on that strength of hers – being sexy.

The singer has been missing from the music scene for quite some time now to concentrate on her fashion venture. Her 4th album was released in 2007. After the release of her 4th album, which contains the hit song My Love, Chae Yeon became really popular in Japan and China.

If you haven’t seen Chae Yeon in action, please hit the play button below. She’s smokin’ hawt in the MV.

So, are you now waiting with bated breath for Chae Yeon’s return to the music scene?

Source: Newsen

Chae Yeon showcases Bequem's Fall/Winter collection

Chae Yeon is CEO of Bequem fashion

Chae Yeon & Andy heat up stage


h said...

Woman get with the times! The music you're making should stay in the 1990's. Unless she's wanting a much older crowd...because I know my fifty-two year old Asian dad would love this music. She got the sexy part, but for some reason, I can't see how the music matches to this image. Just my opinion.

woozysoozy said...

yeah... don't really like her

Anonymous said...

this talentless whore needs to stay home !

Anonymous said...

eh no

another overproduced manufactured asian popstar that's eager to take off her clothes and whore herself out rather than make real music.


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