Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Jo In-sung the fighter pilot

Here’s a look at Jo In-sung in his fighter pilot uniform ;-). OK, OK, so it's just like any soldier's uniform.

Nickname: 'Just call me Maverick Jo.'

The Frozen Flower actor is currently serving his 2-year stint in the military. He has chosen to serve in the Air Force.

Behind Jo is the Slam Eagle F-15 fighter jet, which I’m sure the 28-year-old is learning to pilot. Can you say Top Gun? ;-P

Source: Hankooki

Jo In-sung enlists for military duty

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missglasses said...

great choice! I think he's gonna be the most gorgeous pilot there, hahah

Annie said...

it looks a little fake, no?

Anonymous said...

Looks 'shopped.
Anyway, he's going to be learning stuff? I thought he signed up for some entertainment crew.

Anonymous said...

yeah, this definitely looks 'shopped. but he does rock that buzz cut!


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