Wednesday, 8 April 2009

The Making of Lee Min Ho's Cass Beer CF

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Me and my Cass 2X
Lee Min Ho's sultry image for his Cass Beer CF

Wait a minute...isn't that Big Bang's T.O.P.? One of our readers commented that Lee Min Ho (Boys Before Flowers) looks a bit like the lanky T.O.P. in one of our previous posts and I couldn't agree more. Especially for his Cass Beer music video where he piles on the eyeliner and pulls his hair back up. But i assure you, that is the newly transformed LEE MIN HO.

Ever since i heard about the digital single (MV) i couldn't wait to see it. Well, it's not quite out yet, but footages of the making and 15 second teaser (featuring the gorgeous Jessica Gomez) is out!

Getting ready:
[Seriously, i don't think he knows how to put on that kind of make-up on himself. All that is just for show.]

In the recording studio:

Dance practice:

The 15 sec trailer to whet your appetites:

Source: AllKpop

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Look out for Lee Min-ho's digital single


Wawa said...

i found him hot with the make-up!!! ahhh~~~ can't wait for the full CF <3

Anonymous said...

hahah i say hes hot (:
he cant always be goo joonpyo!

from other sites (allkpop, popseoul..etc) they've compared him with top. they're making a huge deal out of it how he doesn't look good -_-
ah, i wish people would just understand this is a CF!!

rEbEcca said...

wow! dark eyeliner and hair all gel up! another side of Min Ho. thanks! enjoy it very much!

sarah said...

u guys need to watch the CF like now. he is so hot i was having midnight. and my nose was bleeding the whole time and i have this strong urge to take off my top and throw it to my laptop..hahaha..yes, that is how hot the cf is *fan self*...oh minho~ why so hot bb ?

Anonymous said...

OMGee! I think that was me. I just checked and it was me! That is so cool seeing one of my favorite bloggers agreeing with me!

I love this site! ♥ Keep up the excellent work!

Orchid said...

@anonymous#2...hey leave a name ;-)

Yeah i think Lee Min Ho looks hot in the CF. :-)

Anonymous said...

He can act real well, but after watching the videos, he can't really sing or dance. But good effort and maybe more practice will help.

I can't wait for his Etude House and Pepsi CFs.

CoOLcHiCk said...

The reason why he had to wear smoky makeup was that he had to play a 'Bad Guy' in the CF with Jessica Gomez
(a famous Aussie supermodel who'd become very popular after LG's Bikini Phone ad).

I think he's smolderin' hot with a little bit of retouched black eyeliner in the following photo!!

Anonymous said...

Someone's just put a 4min 30sec full version Cass MV in youtube!!

Copy & Paste the following link to check it out~*

Lee Min Ho - Cass CF - Full version 4'30s

f4 rocks said...

Wow, the song used in the CF was sung by none other than Lee Min Ho *shocked*

Anonymous said...

Actually, he sings quite well!!
The song sounds more like a cool, hip & hot American pop..

Minho is currently in Thailand!!

This is his first overseas trip after BOF.
Hundreds of fans were said to have greeted him at the airport.

He and a Korean actress, Park Shin-Hye will be staying there 5 nights/6 days (since April 8) to shoot a CF for Etude Cosmetics and to shoot a fashion/Beauty photo album!
He's also expected to relax in beautiful Thailand.

Ahhhh, wish I were there, too
--SOB SOB--!

Wawa said...

the MV for this CF really HOT!!! i was like, "goo jun pyo, where have u been? but it's ok, i like Lee Min Ho's more" :P

well, for his singing! it is not bad since i never expect that he'll sing for this CF! maybe it just a one time thingy...

missglasses said...

I don't like his smoky make up :(

Anonymous said...

Lee Min Ho is just a beginner people give him a break, beside I think for a beginner is great. Stop Trashing him if you don't like him. Keep it to your self.
"Getting ready:
[Seriously, i don't think he knows how to put on that kind of make-up on himself. All that is just for show.]"-if you watch the mv he is recording.
I think he is a very talented and hot guy, better then other people who trash other to make themself look good

Anonymous said...

he is usually super hot but he looks really gay in this pic and commercial... really gay... i blame the stylists and art directors though... really gay...


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