Friday, 8 May 2009

Han Ji-hye is the new Lady Audi

Think Audi, think Han Ji-hye.

The German luxury car brand Audi has just crowned Korean actress / model Han Ji-hye as their new spokes person. On April 6, Han was at Jamsil Sports complex where they launched the new Audi A6. Han was the only female celebrity in the official invitation guest list. What an honour!

Audi chose Han Ji-hye because of her sophisticated beauty, elegance and friendly persona.

According to Audi Korea, Lee Jung Jae, Ha Jung Woo and Kim Ji Eun along with 1000 VIPs were invited to the launch party.

I can understand why Audi Korea choose Han Ji-hye, she's gorgeous and so classy!

Source: BizPlace

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chajjye said...


Anonymous said...

ARGHHH. Why is the world so unfair? She's gorgeous! Lol.

Biscuit said...

Yes! She's really beautiful! Not to mention, she shows why women with single eyelids (props to her for not doing eyelid surgery) can still look good.


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