Sunday, 3 May 2009

Lee Min-ho’s autograph session at Lotte Department Store

Autograph: Lee Min-ho shows you his
coveted signature

Looking like he has a little too much BB Cream and lipstick on, Boys Over Flowers star Lee Min-ho appeared at the Lotte Department Store at Sogong-dong, Seoul on May 2 for an autograph session.

Make-up talk: 'Oh my gosh, you also have the No. 1 BB Cream on?
Me too. Both of us have on the same shade!'

Despite the rain, many fans turned up to see the fast-rising star. The 22-year-old is currently super hot property, thanks to his Goo Joon-pyo role in the highly popular KBS drama series.

Waiting: Eager fans waiting to meet Lee Min-ho (above and below)

Arrival: Fresh from the make-up artist's
chair is Lee Min-ho

Flattered: 'Really? You like my lipstick shade?
It's Creamy Rose.'

Serious business: 'How do I spell it? With one 'T' or two 'T's?'


Wawa said...

huhuhu... too much foundation :~

Anonymous said...

i've yet to see a pic of him without clown makeup on lol it's ridiculous. are they trying to make him look ugly? :)

why isn't he saying anything? why does he just allow them to slap that much makeup on him? does he actually think it makes him look better? poor kid.

nanienooraini said...

without the makeup i think all his fans will run away LOL

bri@n said...

Make-up or no make-up, he's still making the headlines. Rock on dude!

Orchid said...

His make-up artist should be shot!!!

selva said...

oh Min Hot oppa, why are you putting on foundation!!!!! I don't even put make up at all and I'm a girl!!!
you're such a hottie boy without anything, stop putting these things!!!
though I really like that lip gloss! I wonder what its name?!


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