Saturday, 9 May 2009

Uhm Jung-hwa meets The Man Who Can’t Get Married

We last saw her on the small screen opposite Oh Ji-ho in the romantic comedy, Get Karl! Oh Soo-jung in 2007. Now singer-cum-actress Uhm Jung-hwa is set to topline another drama entitled The Man Who Can’t Get Married.

Seducing Mr. Difficult: Uhm Jung-hwa meets an
eccentric man in her new drama series

Uhm's (38) new drama sees her portraying a doctor who leads a stable and comfortable life…until she meets a strange and eccentric 40-year-old architect named Jaehee (played by Ji Jin-hee). Needles to say, sparks fly between the two.

For her role, Uhm had to tone down her make-up and adopt a “professional”-like hairstyle to play the doctor (like in the pics you see).

The Man Who Can’t Get Married premieres on the KBS network in South Korea in June, taking over the Kim Kang-woo/Park Shi-yeon drama Story of a Man.

What to do?: Contemplating her next move

Peepers: 'Let me lure him in with these big and
beautiful eyes of mine.'

Semi-professional: 'Which guy can resist
me in shorts?'

Source: Hankooki

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varms said...

I can't wait to see this one!!! I liked the japanese version, and I think Ji Jin Hee is a great choice for that role that Abe Hiroshi was fabulous at... I think Uhm Jung Hwa should be able to pull this off, she has looked proffesional in movies before like Seducing Mr Perfect and My Lovely Week. Word is, Kim So Eun is in this drama too.


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