Sunday, 31 May 2009

Yoo Ji Tae to build kindergarten in Nepal

Actor Yoo Ji Tae (33), together with some of his fans have put together a special charity project. They will leave for Nepal in October to build kindergartens for poor children.

In April, Yoo Ji Tae and DC Inside together with Yoo Ji Tae Gallery organized donation drives and also volunteer recruitment for the project in Nepal.

Yoo majored in social welfare while he was in university and has always been interested in community work, fund raising and helping the poor.

Less you think that Yoo is doing all this charity work because he has no other projects, the very busy man is currently preparing for the release of his fourth short film (in which he directed) entitled Invitation. Yoo's short film will be released on June 09 and will be screened at the 6th Short Shorts Film Festival in Japan. Yoo is also working on his next movie Bimilae.

Yoo's previous movies include Old Boy, Sympathy for Lady Vengeance, Running Wild and Hwang jin-yi. His last drama was with Choi Ji-woo in A Star's Lover.

Source: Newsen

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