Thursday, 4 June 2009

Sign up for Beauty Workshop with Korean Makeup Artist!

Hey everyone! I have some exciting news for you.

Fancy attending a make-up workshop conducted by a bona fide Korean make-up artist? Laneige will be conducting a make-up workshop and only 10 seats are available for K-popped! readers. I repeat ONLY TEN SEATS!

So hurry, and make your way to the Laneige counter at JUSCO Mid Valley to book your seat!

Korean make-up artist Lee Jae-young will be
demonstrating the latest in make-up techniques.
Don't be shy, you can ask him anything!

Work-shop details:

Date: 05 July 2009 (Sunday), 10am - 3pm
Venue: The Gardens Hotel, Mid Valley

How do I sign up?

Sign up for an up close make-up lesson with Korean make-up artist Lee Jae-young by purchasing a workshop voucher worth RM132 from the Laneige counter in JUSCO Mid Valley from 1 - 20 June, 2009.

Flying to Korea would be so much more expensive, but by paying RM132, you will receive:
  • Exclusive entry to the make-up workshop (for 1 person)
  • Workshop voucher is fully redeemable for a Laneige Sliding Pact_EX UV (worth RM132)
  • Door gift worth RM150 (Red tote bag & cleansing oil started kit)
  • Refreshments will be served
* If you purchase the voucher at JUSCO Mid Valley this Saturday 6th June 2009, you will receive an additional RM10 voucher!

If you love make-up, learning beauty tips and spending a very girly fun time experimenting with different looks, trust me, you'll enjoy yourself. Don't go alone, bring a friend!

Please note that there will be a special sale at the end of the work-shop so you can purchase whatever products you find that you like. So bring extra cash ya?

Read about my experience at last year's make-up workshop! I had a whole lot of fun and brought home loads of freebies. =)

PLUS, you'll also get to meet and chat with Liz and Orchid at the work-shop! See you there!!! :-)

This is the ultra stylish Laneige Sliding Pact_EX UV
which you can redeem with your workshop voucher


Erv said...

@ Orchid :

hey! thanks for the info. Gosh, it's sad that i couldn't make it that day. How often do they organize those kind of workshop? I've been wanting to go ever since i read ur experience on the Laneige workshop last year. I myself have been using laneige all this while and i want to know more make up tips. Limited to only 10 ppl? Wish i could go and meet u guys there!

|| Lyññ || said...

Gosh! Sad for me... I wanna go too!! I saw the sliding Pact when I went to redeem the starter kit=)
It's BEAUTIFUL!! Looks like a handphone...

Sighs! I wanna go... I'll be basking in the sun at Langkawi... =(
Yea... How often do they have these workshops? I'm so interested but nobody teman me...hehe...

k9vc said...

Gee, getting to chat with Liz and Orchid almost makes it worth while for a hopelessly ugly toad like me!

Vic in Long Beach, CA

Orchid said...

@Erv & Lynn : So far this is the second time i've heard Laneige is organizing a work-shop. But i think they've had others in the past too. They have it maybe once a year. Too bad timing isn't right for you guys.

The sliding pact is indeed very stylish and the last i heard it is the in-thing in Korea. Yeah and it almost looks like a mobile phone ;-)

@Vic in Long Beach, CA : Too bad you're all the way in California!! =)

freenight said...

Are the seats still availabled? ten seats sounds too heat to get one...

Orchid said...

@freenight Are u really interested? I can check for many seats do you want?

freenight said...

Orchid, I'm so sorry to get back to you this late, i was away for a business trip last few days. I need seats for two.

Thank you.

freenight said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Orchid said...

Yes there are seats available.
Please go to the LANEIGE COUNTER at JUSCO MidValley to purchase the workshop voucher!!
Tell them you heard it from K-popped! Thanks!


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