Sunday, 28 June 2009

Dance, Subaru! (2009)

What’s popping:

I was fooled. The movie poster outside the cinema boasts a special appearance by Tohoshinki (TVXQ/ DBSK) as well as BoA and Koda Kumi.

It was either a misprint or false advertising as BoA and Koda Kumi did not appear in the flick. Their songs, however, are in the movie’s soundtrack.

As for TVXQ’s appearance? Seeing the popular Korean boyband appear as club performers is an anticlimax.

Granted, the guys do what they do best – sing and dance onstage – but it would have been nice if some of the boys had a line or two in the movie.

But what about the flick itself? While it started off strong – effectively pulling at the viewers’ heartstrings in establishing the story – it eventually becomes clichéd with a rather abrupt and too artificial ending. The “morale” of the story is too heavy handed and teeters on being hilarious.

As a dance movie, the flick doesn’t quite succeed either. Again, it could be the false advertising but don’t expect any ballet/ street dance fusion, which the poster leads one to believe. Compared to other dance flicks I’ve seen such as Honey, Step Up or even Flashdance, this film is extremely weak in convincing us of the protagonist’s passion for dance.

Stretch, Subaru!: 'Like, which leg should I warm up first? Left or right?'

Dance, Subaru! is a run-of-the-mill dance flick that doesn’t inspire. It, however, does have some entertainment value – if you enjoy watching girls in tutus perform bits and parts of the Swan Lake.

The plot:

Subaru (Meisa Kuroki) loses her twin brother Kazuma to a hereditary disease and immerses herself in dance because it has always been their dream to dance ballet.

After the death of her brother, Subaru finds solace in Isuzu (Kaori Momoi), the owner of a seedy strip joint.

Learn, Subaru!: 'To be a strip dancer, you need to....strip.'

Isuzu passes on her dance knowledge to the eager Subaru and through the devious machinations of a bored, rich and spoilt brat named Liz Park (Go Ara), Subaru becomes interested in professional ballet. She then enrols in a dance competition that offers her a chance to realise her dream.

Can Subaru handle the pressure and overcome the challenges to don that tutu and prance around onstage to the coveted dance scholarship?

Watch it:
It was showing in the cinemas.

TVXQ appears in movie DANCE, SUBARU!


아이스Aiseu said...

It's a nice movie. And Meisa Kuroki is such a beauty. However...I think DBSK's appearance in the movie is too short...i think less than 1 minute...
Lol. My friend can't keep herself in control and shriek for quite a few times in the cinema.

|| Lyññ || said...

Lols... hmmm... sounds disappointing... but I'm still gonna watch it! Hehe.. even if TVXQ appeared for less than 1 minute ^^

estelgrace said...

I can't wait to see this online and subbed!
Actually, you should watch the behind the scenes vids. Meisa Kuroki is amazing. They were gonna use a double because she doesn't do ballet, but she amazed them all on shooting day when she performed all her dance scenes herself. En pointe and all. Talk about awesome!

Oh, if you were disappointed with DBSK's no-lines, a member of their sister group, CSJH The Grace, was actually in the cast as the male ballet dance teacher's assistant. They have 2 songs in the soundtrack too. And one of them, Coming To You, was argued as being better than Bolero. lol^^

Blaise said...


"Seeing the popular korean boyband appear as club performers is an anticlimax" ~ cracked me up big time.

I won't even bother with this movie.

Ms.TuKaNg GeMpAq said...

ur so true...
i was like wondering
"did i miss out Boa n Koda kumi?"

but seems like they were REALY NOT THERE!!!
wth man...

while at the DBSK Part..
i was just about to squeel >.<

and they were Gone already...

it was soo dissaponting..

im an indian girl being a dbsk fan is weird enough...
n having me watching a k/j movie..

the ticketing malay girl was like
"its a chinese movie"


im waiting for jaejoongs
postman from heaven...
or is it
heaven's postman??
dong bang shin ki Hwaiting!!


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