Friday, 19 June 2009

High Cut is now online!

Rain on High Cut Vol. 7 cover

Now, i really wish some of our local entertainment magazines would be as affordable and interesting as Korea's HIGH CUT magazine.

K-popped! readers helped point out that this magazine is extremely cheap. Yes, it's only 300 KRW a copy. That's like USD$0.25. Less than a dollar! To find out how much this magazine costs in your own currency, just fire up Yahoo! Currency Converter.

High Cut features Rain on it's volume 7 cover and the magazine's tag line is "Celebrity Secrets". True to it's tag line, vol. 7 will feature some never-before-seen photos of Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong and Kim Yuna.

And the best news for us not living in Korea? High Cut introduces its online version, just go to : If you can figure out how to access the e-book section, you'll get the whole magazine, online!

One of the exclusive Kim Hyun Joong pic in High Cut, Vol. 7

...more of these if you can get your hands on a copy of High Cut


t-HYPE said...

hey girls,

the photos of HyunJun and Minho aren't in Volume 7. I just bought it yesterday!

Orchid said...

t-HYPE hey so what's in vol 7?

Pictorial of Rain? Any pics of Minho and Hyun Joong at all?

t-HYPE said...

it's all rain. nice pics too! ^_^

hanys said...

OMG, Rain is damn cute lol.. miss him so much! when he will coming to Msia again ha??

Regine Cheng said...

Hey people! I really want to get this High cut magazine! Do you know where can I get it online?

Thanks! ;D

GorgeousLiv said...


Me too.. i want to have a copy!!!

Kim Hyun Joong so hot!..



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