Wednesday, 24 June 2009


Boy oh boy, you learn something new every day. Please add this to the list of quirky holidays Koreans celebrate.

June 14 is KISS DAY!

I just stumbled upon it while surfing the net today. What do you do on Kiss Day? Well, my guess is to pucker up and kiss someone! If you have any KISS DAY experiences to share, please, fill us in!

Other Korean holidays:

White Day and Black Day
Pepero Day is celebrated on 11.11

Pic credit: Hankyung


GorgeousLiv said...

oh my... kiss day?
..geeeiiizzz..its already june 24 right?.. hey!!!i never knew that!?.. we should implement that everyday!!hehehe..i dont have a shared kiss day story to tell but im looking forward to it!(hopefully soon!)..


umi1978 said...

Ya we should have it daily and I read about a post that there are more informal holidays in Korea.
It will be great if we have all these holidays in our own country!
Here the link:

hanys said...

another special day?? gosh, korean got a lot of special days.. white day, and black day already make me think "peliknya".. then kiss day?? huhu.. korean is so creative lorr.. who i wish to kiss huh??

|| Lyññ || said...

Kimchi kisses to all....hahaha... happy kissy kissy day peeps~~


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