Sunday, 14 June 2009

Our visit to 63 Building

If you are a tourist, like us, be sure to grab one of those
guide maps to help you navigate around the building

All of a sudden I have the urge to blog about our travels. So here's an entry on 63 Building in Yeouido Island, Seoul.

We visited Yeouido on a cloudy Sunday morning last autumn. K-popped! Trio took the subway from the heart of Seoul (Jongno-3-ga stop) to Yeouido. First we attended service at the biggest church in the world, Yeouido Full Gospel Church. Here in Yeuido is where most of the broadcasting stations are located. The MBC, SBS and KBS buildings are all in this area. After church, we walked along the tree-lined sidewalk taking in the beautiful autumn scenery and visited Noryangjin Fish Market and 63 Building (63 빌딩).

We opted to take a cab for the short journey to 63 Building because it
started to drizzle. Cabs in Korea all have very sophisticated gadgets,
like what you see in this one...equipped with GPRS & Tmoney payment sytem.

Daehan Life Insurance 63 Building is more well known as just 63 Building. The skyscraper which stands 249 meters (817 feet) high is the 3rd tallest building in South Korea, and it overlooks the Han River.

Rooster & Liz in front of 63 Building

Walking to one on the entrances of 63 Building

63 Building is a suitable place to take your kids out on a family outing. I'm sure couples love going on a date at the observatory at nights too.

There's lots to do at this building. On a Sunday afternoon, we saw many local folks with their families simply enjoying the day.

Main attractions at the 63 Building are:

  • SKY DECK (top floor observatory with a splendid view)
  • SKY ART (the highest art museum in the world)
Tickets for the entry to SKY ART will include SKY DECK. A ticket for all three (Observatory+Aquarium+IMAX theater) costs 26,000 won (adult) | 23,000 won (teen) | 20,000 won (child).

We didn't go for any of those because the queue that day was just too long.

There are also lots of options for food at the 63 Building. From fine dining at the luxurious Buffet Pavilion which offers 200 varieties of worldwide cuisine, to Lotteria - a Korean fast food joint to the classic European-style cafe Beans & Berries, there's surely something for every palette.

Align Center

We opted to have lunch at the Food Court and ordered a giant bowl of Bibimbap (a couple's dish because it's meant for two. So romantic!) and a bowl of cold soba noodles. Both really yummy. Sigh, i miss Korean food.

Top: Giant bibimbap
Bottom: Cold soba noodles

Other places we visited in Yeouido (Yoido):
Beautiful Autumn sights in Seoul
Noryangjin Fish Market
Sunday service at Yoido Full Gospel Church

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Cio said...

WOW! now I know what Rooster looks like xD

1 down, 2 to go :D

Rooster said...

LOL! XD I'll be needing some whitening creams. Orchid, a little heavy with the paintbrush?

Babyboss Pictures said...

Yoido Full Gospel Church is probably the largest church in the world. I think it IS the largest in the world with over a million members!

Grace said...

I'd love to go see 63 Building...!

Thanks for sharing, K-Popped trio!

Grace said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rooster said...

@ Cio: But you already know what Liz and Orchid looks like!

Liz said...

Ha ha ha ha, that blob of blackness for Rooster's face is classic! *LOL*

Yeah, I miss Korean food. The huge bibimbap was delicious. Yum.

chelsea ann. said...

the 63 building is the same building from my girl where lee da hee's character said that lie that if you hold your breath and make a wish on the way up the elevator, it will come true when you reach the top, right? haha. or something like that.

Orchid said...

@chelsea ann Yes yes! it's the same building in My Girl!

@Babyboss Pictures Since two pastors told me that Yoido Full Gospel church IS THE BIGGEST CHURCH IN THE WORLD, i've made that slight change in my entry.

Gdog said...

When we visited the 63 building, we happened to go late at night near closing. I kindly explained we were from Canada...and after a while the 4 of us got in for FREE! LOL

Also, interesting to note that 3 floors are underground, so the top floor is the 60th level I think.

Orchid said...

@Gdog! You guys got to view the SKYDECK FOR FREE? That's awesome!

Serene said...

I wish I went closer to 63 Building, our river taxi ride ended just outside the building but I managed to take a few pics. So it is Daehan Insurance... our guide said it was some insurance giant but didnt mention the name

First learnt about its existence from My Girl too.

On my next trip, I will consider partaking the buffet spread, it comes recommended in several guidebooks


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