Saturday, 13 June 2009

TRIVIA: Who’s kissing whom?

We haven’t done this in a while, have we?

All right fellow K-popped! friends, who are these two sharing a passionate kiss?


Your clues are: 1) She’s perhaps 100 pounds lighter and 2) He’s decided to wear his underwear on the inside.

Make your guess now.

Yup, no fooling you guys. It’s none other than Kim Ah-joong of 200 Pounds Beauty fame and Hwang Jung-min of He Once Was a Superman.

Talk: 'Yes, we are pretty good at filming kissing scenes as we've had a
lot of practice in our personal lives.'

The actors filmed their first kiss for their currently-airing KBS drama The Accidental Couple (formerly known as Six Months).

The pair filmed the scene in one go without any problems – yup, there isn't any NG takes for the scene. The drama airs on the KBS channel and if you want to know what it’s about, hit this link.

Source: Hankooki

Kim Ah-joong and Hwang Jung-min in Six Months


日光。玉 said...

Ths star of 200-pound beauty Kim Ah Joong and Hwang Jeong Min. For The Accidental Couple, a new Korean drama showing on KBS on some weeknights. Funny show. =)

korean addicted said...

yeah..there are Kim Ah Joong and Hwang Jeong Min. For The Accidental Couple.

Alia Liverpool said...

oh my.
you give me a spoiler!

finally,they'll kiss.aha

Kriss said...

id guess 200 lbs beauty star and the norazo guy... dunno their names tho XD

Julie Kim said...

kim ah joong but i dont know the dude... he kinda looks like daniel henney but i know for sure that its prob. not him

Anonymous said...

Kim Ah-Jung from 200 Pounds of bBauty and Hwang Jung Min from A Man Who Was Superman. Wow I'm surprised I got that! that means I've been watching too many Korean movies and dramas ;D

Anonymous said...

oh yea the drama would be That Fool

Serene said...

That was so easy !!! Kim Ah Jung and Hwang Jung Min. I am addicted to this drama every wed n thu nites

Speaking of goofy Hwang Jung Min, can anyone tell me what was the title of the movie he did with Im Soo Jung?

Orchid said...

@Serene The movie is called "Happiness"


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