Thursday, 2 July 2009

Lee Min Ho & Kim Joon at Gu Hye Sun's art exhibition

Let's relax and have a spot of tea shall we?
Kim Joon & Lee Min Ho at Gu Hye Sun's Tango Art Exhibition

Gu Hye Sun's paintings look like art work accomplished by dipping string into a pot of paint, laying the string onto a sheet of paper, fold the paper in half, then pull! Of course, her paintings are much more elaborate and delicate than what i just described and i don't think she created them that way. But they looked like that to me at first glance. If she didn't use the dip - fold - pull method, then i assume those art work would take up a lot of time - painting those feathery strokes! She's a genius! (Rooster, please insert expert comment whenever you feel like it.)

Gu Hye Sun's Tango art exhibition opened on 01 July at La Mer Gallery in Insadong, Seoul. Her work consists of 42 paintings all made in her chosen hue - the colour blue. Gu's Boys Over Flowers co-stars Lee Min Ho and Kim Joon attended the exhibition and happily viewed the pictures while Gu provided them with brief descriptions of each.

Multi-talented Gu has also published a book of the same name. It's great to see them supporting each other and attending events after working together in the hit drama, BOF.

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Yo, yo...Kim Joon - my man! I'm so glad you came.

Kim Joon looks doubtful Hye Sun painted that and
suspects she uses the dip - fold - pull method.

Gu explaining her work

Gu Hye Sun with one of her works at La Mer art gallery, Insadong

Source and pics credit: Newsen

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Rooster said...

Wow, very delicate. I like her work.

Haha... not quite the 'expert' comment you were looking for? ;p

Jirafa said...

Haha, I love your "yo yo Kim Joon my man!" caption. I always think that when I see him. <3

Aaaa, she's so pretty and talented!

hanys said...

she amazing.. she can direct, act, sing, make CF, write a book and now she do painting! she totally talented. i love her a lot.. after BOF, i try hard to find her interview in utube.. she's so humble and a little bit shy i guess. very polite and she dream of polite man as her partner.. huhu.. she's cute, but during her childhood, she doesnt wearing skirt until she admire someone.. her face, eye is original, not from plastic surgery.. (waa, quite a long comment huh)

rEbEcca said...

yup! i totally agree with u, hanys.. i love to see people with their passionate art of work and then enjoyed 'em.

and so happy to see jun pyo and jan di together! hehe! ^^

anyone notice Min ho is a bit tanned?

nonik wiyono said...

I like Gu Hye-sun in everything she does.. she has an inner and outer beauty!completed and talented!!


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