Friday, 24 July 2009

Ninja Assassin exclusive trailer & poster!

Exclusive Ninja Assassin Poster debut at Comin Con

We've got word that this is the official Ninja Assassin trailer. The Hollywood movie in which Rain will take the lead role. I'm not sure if this is the same trailer that will be showcased at Comic Con tonight though.

Check it!

Read full article on - Ninja Assassin Starring Rain

Special thanks to Jax!

Sources:, MTV movies blog


starsinmybelly said...

aww, thanks, anytime girls! xoxo

...if only the sound was better though! Will take what we can get at this point...I have been waiting a long time for this one! lol

xoxo, Jax

zoe sawyer said...

this mvie involves lots of knives n sharp objects..gawd..but cant wait to watch rain in his ninja suit~!

eonjehna said...

Comic Con is actually previewing the entire movie, not just a trailer.

But ... meh. This doesn't look good at all. I'll just watch "New Moon" instead. It comes out around the same time as this, uh, trainwreck.

Ayumi said...

The following is the first review I got a hold of -
Wow, is Rain gonna be really famous around the world when the flick's out (this November)?!!

Definitely, Rain's fans (especially, those who voted him as the most influential individual for Time mag; Asians who are amused about the fact a major Hollywood production team made an Asian star as the protagonist of a film....)
and nearly all Koreans will watch the flick, for sure~~


It's funny: the thought of an American pop star becoming an action movie hero (e.g. Justin Timberlake as Green Lantern) seems just patently ridiculous to most.

And yet, here's a Korean pop star who calls himself Rain seems perfectly plausible
as the baddest, bloodiest, most hard core Ninja assassin on the planet.

I wonder if I'd feel the same if his music was on continuous rotation on MTV?


Because Ninja Assassin is, far and away, the best martial arts movie I've seen in a big theater....

probably since The Matrix.

Which makes sense, since it's produced by The Wachowski Brothers and directed by their protege, James McTeigue.

The film follows Rain as Raizo,
an orphan raised from near birth to be a merciless killer, as he cuts a bloody swath of revenge across Berlin, while an intrepid Interpol researcher (played by Naomi Harris, who opts for the soft & vulnerable play instead of her 28 Days Later she-warrior mode) is trying to uncover the ancient secret of a clan of mythical ninjas who may be responsible for countless political killings over the years.

It intercuts between Raizo's youth in the brutal orphanage/ninja factory and the modern ninja war that literally spills out onto the streets of modern Berlin.

Honestly, I couldn't tell you where the actual stunt work and wire work ends and
the CGI begins in most places, because the choreography is just seamless, frenetic, and breathtaking.

Oh, and did I mention that the alternate title for this film should be "Buckets of Blood"?

When the director introduced the film at last night's extra secret exclusive screening at Comic-Con 2009, he made a point of telling the audience that they shouldn't fear the gore.

Yeah, it's pretty violent. Like, half-a-head lopped off in the first 3 minutes violent.

But it's definitely worth it.

Beyond the fact that it's action packed, as a viewer, I totally bought all of the emotional relationships in the film that make the action matter.

You care who lives or dies, who's betrayed and who outsmarts.

In short, it's bloody f'n good.

If you're like me and grew up on a steady Saturday afternoon diet of Bruce Li, the Shaw Brothers, and the like,
do yourself a favor and check it out when it's released in November.


Orchid said...

Thanks Ayumi, that's one good review for the movie!

Liz said...

Guys, I've put up a better quality trailer. Watch it, it rocks! :-)

eonjehna said...

still not feeling it. i'll watch new moon instead.

Ayumi said...


Sheeeesh, why u're wasting time, bashing Rain so much?!

Haha, ur profile says it all....LOL

eonjehna said...

why? because he's such a poser and cheat. i don't consider it a waste of my time bashing him when he wasted my time and money in cancelling concerts that i paid good money for.

and if you can glorify him, i also have the same right to state my views. if you can't handle it, don't read it.

Balrog Beatdown said...

Heck yeah...totally excited now!!


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