Thursday, 9 July 2009

Rain's pictorial in the French Alps & global fan meeting

Rain (real name Jung Ji-hoon) was recently in the French Alps for a fashion shoot for his clothing brand Six to Five. Rain and his crew photographed at Club Med in the South of France using the backdrop of the breathtaking French Alps. They also went to a place called the Savoy Chalet to take advantage of its traditional architecture, modern interior and elegant sophisticated feel. I am sure the European pictures will turn out great.

Rain's European shoot will appear in Elle Magazine's (Korea) August 2009 issue.

Meanwhile, Rain has plans for a global fan meeting which carries the theme "PEACE". The fan meeting will be held at Kyunghee University in Seoul on 26 July, 2009.

Source: Osen



Thanks for the info. The global fanmeet is on 26 July 2009(not 29 July).

Orchid said...

Gosh, thanks!

Ki said...

Oh, I didn't know he's in France. I probably won't be much more close to him as now. Would be nice to hear from those who happened to bump into him in France. :D


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