Saturday, 11 July 2009

W&Whale is a High School Sensation

Korean rock band W&Whale (더블유앤웨일) bagged an award at the 6th Korean Music Awards in March this year.

Electronica band: 'Yes, we try to look as different as possible from
syrupy K-pop acts, thus the weird hairdo...or lack of it.'

There isn’t much information in English about the band. All I managed to discover is that they are an electronica outfit made up of Whale, Bae Young-joon, Han Jae-won and Kim Sang-hoon. I came across their music while watching MTV today.

W&Whale’s High School Sensation is a spunky and fun track with an even more fun MV. Don’t you just love the computer game-like vibe? The song is taken from the band’s Random Tasks single.

They might not be as popular as say, Big Bang or TVXQ, but this quartet churns out excellent music.

Check out another song of theirs below – R.P.G. Shine. It sounds so familiar to me – was it used for a drama or movie soundtrack?

Anyway, the head-bobbing song is taken from their Hardboiled album, which was released in Sept 2008.

Enjoy…and oh yeah, Rocket Punch Generation, “We have to ch-ch-ch-change ourselves!” :-)

Pic credit: Newsen


Wawa said...

i love the dance... hahaha! watched it before when TaeGoon & Whale danced it... cute giler :P

|| Lyññ || said...

Lol... I know that gurl has good vocals... I've seen this MV on either MTV or Channel V quite a few times... Funny MV too! but I dun really like it... the girl has appeared on Star Golden Bell a few times too... She's quiet...

Yey for k-popped cuz u guys are promoting under rated artists!! You should introduce Sweet Sorrow too! Their vocals are AMAZING! =)Check out their latest song called 'So Cool'... This song is REALLY cool... Jazzy, just the way I like it^^

Anonymous said...

Genre wise they're not "indie" or rock. They are an electronica band. Yes they sound rock-ish but electronica is their main sound.
Distribution wise, they're not indie but under Fluxus Music (granted Fluxus isn't big but it still is a major label), home label of Clazziquai Project/Ibadi/Alex. W&Whale is basically a collab project between W, the three guys (who have released two studio albums--or four, if you count soundtracks) and Whale--the girl. Oh and that plastic outfit is, if I'm not mistaken, a gimmick tribute to Daft Punk, an electronica group that heavily influence their music.

Liz said...

^^ thanks for the info! Will make the changes to the entry! :-)

chajjye said...

W&Whale had a song "월광(Moonrise)" in the 2007 Eric Mun drama "Que Sera Sera" along with the other fluxus artists such as My Aunt Mary, Clazziquai, Lee Seung Yeol and the then Loveholic.

Moonrise is the opening credits song. It's also found in their first album: Hardboiled.

Moonrise MV:

Whale herself has been involved in other projects such as Alex's My Vintage Romance album (in the track "Waltz Lesson"), the main vocalist for Secret of Keu Keu Island OST and others. She appears on radio shows and variety shows occasionally. And she sings English songs well.

All of them are songwriters.

W (also Where The Story Ends) wrote Loveholic's "Separation Is Not Separation 이별 못한 이별" from MNIKSS OST and some songs for Alex's solo album, as well as Kim Hyung Joon and Clazziquai.

I love them so much. But yes, they are underrated!

chajjye said...

Sorry, wrong info. W is the main vocalists for Secret of Keu Keu Island OST. I got a little confused. :P

helikoppter said...

Could be that R.P.G. Shine sounds familiar because of SK Broadband?

Liz said...

@chajjye: Thanks for the information on the group!

@helikoppter: I've not seen the SK Broadband advert until you gave me the link. But it's cool that their song was used for the campaign :-)


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