Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Dae Sung to be discharged from hospital

Big Bang's Dae Sung was involved in a serious traffic accident on August 11th, 2009. Dae Sung underwent surgery on August 19th and it looks like our boy will be a-o-kay. He is scheduled to be discharged from hospital by this week.

Even the date has not been set, he should be discharging from the hospital by this week. The operation was a success. It seems that his waist is not giving him such a big problem as it was predicted that he may not be able to move around.

- YG Entertainment, 24th August

Get well soon Dae Sung!

Source: K Bites


Anonymous said...

He was involved in an accident?!


And the car looks like that?! What happened?

I go on a vacation for one week and Daesung got into a car-wreck? Somebody tell me please.

Rooster said...

@ dwarthy: Yes, the accident happened on August 11th. His manager was driving the car. Here's a link to blog where you can read details of what happened.


Haxim said...

unbelievable. just look at the car's condition. hope to see him on stage soon <3

get well soon!


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