Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Daniel Henney is Dr David Lee in Three Rivers

Daniel Henney (the one on the left), plays a
womanizer in Three Rivers.
Will he be the next McDreamy?

Here's a peak at the Three Rivers poster. Korean-American actor Daniel Henney landed a role in CBS' new fall medical drama - Three Rivers. In the drama, Henney plays Dr. David Lee a hot shot doctor who leaves a trail of broken hearts behind him. Ironically, he specializes in organ transplants.

The drama starts airing (in the USA) on October 4th, 2009.

Okay, check out Daniel Henney as Dr David Lee in this clip.

Sources: AllKpop, Korean Beacon

More on Daniel Henney please...


Raindrops said...

omgosh, can't wait...definitely counting down for this one! This is truly the year for asian actors in the USA isn't it??? My only worry for this one is...there are like 5 other hospital type drama's debuting this fall, let's hope this is one that stays...I would be happy to be able to watch him weekly ^-^ McDreamy who? Pshhh

jehan said...

oh, hot drama... can't wait for it...

Jirafa said...



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