Friday, 28 August 2009

Nam Gyu-ri does Nail Up

Nam Guy-ri is turning heads these days. The 24-year-old shows off her sensual side in the Sept 2009 issue of Nail Up, a Japanese nail art and manicure magazine.

Sensual: Nam Gyu-ri brings sexy back

The former See Ya lead vocalist says that she is excited to reveal her sexier side to fans...and we’re sure her fans are as equally excited to see this side of her ;-).

Pixie: Ethereal-like Gyu-ri

Pondering: 'Hmm, maybe I should wear the other
more revealing top?'

Tight dress: 'Quick take the shot, I can't breathe
in this thing!'

Tough cookie: 'These acrylic nails give a new meaning
to the saying 'as tough as nails''.

Source: Hankooki

Nam Gyu Ri & Bad Girls at nail product launch
Female trio SeeYa in trouble



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