Sunday, 30 August 2009

Rain kicks off Legend of Rainism tour in Japan

Yes, Rain’s on the road again!

The 27-year-old Hallyu star is currently on his Legend of Rainism tour, which kicked off on Aug 29 at the Saitama Super Arena in Japan.

Legend?: Rain all dressed for...erm, rain.

His latest show boasts an asymmetrical stage, a live band (as opposed to minus-one tracks) and of course, nifty dance moves. The star also pays tribute to the late King of Pop by singing Billie Jean complete with the signature fedora and smooth dance. After all, Rain has always said that his dance is inspired by Michael Jackson.

Tribute: 'Hee hee! Ooh!'

While Rain’s 2007 I’m Coming World Tour was an explosive and energetic extravaganza (trust us, we were there!), expect to see a softer side of the singer as he slips in a “romantic segment” in his current repertoire.

Love song: Rain serenades his fans with ballads

Rain’s two-and-a-half hour show sees the Energizer Bunny belting out 25 numbers, including encores!

The singer, who will be starring in the upcoming Hollywood production Ninja Assassin, has been working out and rehearsing for the concert for the past 6 months.

Rain’s agency J.Tune Entertainment confirmed the following concert dates:
  • Seoul – Oct 9 & 10
  • Hong Kong – Dec 12 & 13
Further dates and venues will be added as soon as plans for the promotion of Ninja Assassin are confirmed.

Want more information on the Legend of Rainism? Go to:

Source: Korea Times

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Dora said...

Legend of Ranism has started!!! Wonder when it'll reach this part of the world...

Liz said...

Yeah, I hope Rain comes to Malaysia again. Would love to go for his concert...again! :-)

eonjehna said...



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