Sunday, 13 September 2009

Brian Joo, Kim Hyung-joon, Shindong & Jo Kwon in environment programme

Four popular singers are all set to go green!

Brian Joo (formerly of Fly to the Sky), Kim Hyung-joon (SS501), Shindong (Super Junior) and Jo Kwon (2AM) will topline an environment programme entitled Find it! Green Gold.

Green guys: (l-r) Kim Hyung-joon, Shindong, Brian Joo and Jo Kwon

The SBS programme sees the celebs riding their environmental-friendly bikes in search of places with environmental problems. They will then offer their solutions for them.

Poses: 'Alright, go ahead and pick the cheesy pose you like.'

Hwaiting!: 'The guys wish for great ratings for their show.'

Find it! Green Gold will air (in South Korea) on Sept 14 at 6:25pm. The stars of the show held a press conference in Seoul recently and below are pics from the photoshoot.

Kim Hyung-joon is lookin’ mighty fine ;-).

'Other guys turn green when they stand
next to me.'

'Yeah, I can't spin around anymore, I'm starting to see
green spots.'

'I see that green light blinking on the camera, is it on?'

'Uh huh, I left my new green shoes at home.'

Source: Hankooki & K Bites


Anonymous said...

Ooh~! This should be nice.. :)
Yummy eye candy doing good for the environment..? Who can say NO to that??? XD

|| Lyññ || said...

This is cool! Malaysian celebs should do this as well... Last night on the way home from Melaka, the highway was hazy and dusty... Man! Open burning EVERYWHR!

miamihero said...

HOHO, baby is MAD CUTE!!!! <3


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