Sunday, 13 September 2009

Did MBC axe Rain’s performance?

Apparently, Rain (27) requested that his performance at the Incheon Korean Wave Festival be axed from the programme.

Rain took the final stage during the concert, which was held on Sept 5 at the Incheon World Cup Stadium. However, when the MBC network broadcasted the show yesterday (Sept 12), Super Junior was shown closing the event instead.

MIA: 'Whaddaya mean I won't get on TV?'

Axed?: 'Who'd want to snip out this
lovely footage of me?'

Many fans are curious about the missing footage but a representative of MBC’s Show! Music Core said: “Rain’s performance wasn’t removed, he just didn’t want it to be broadcasted, and that is why it was not shown on TV this afternoon.”

I don’t buy that. I wonder what Rain’s camp has to say about this?

Sources: allkpop & Newsen

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Anonymous said...

MBC would not have cut a talent as huge at Rain. That had to have come from inside Rain's camp. That or it was contractually agreed to in advance, by BOTH parties.

Vic in Long Beach, CA

Orchid said...

Rain does look hot!

Liz said...

Yeah Vic, your argument makes sense. There'd be havoc right now if it wasn't pre-agreed upon, I guess.

But why would Rain want his footage edited out? Does he not want to be associated with the show or MBC?

Yeah, Orchid. Rain's molten lava hawt! ;-)

Serene said...

I'd love to say I don't believe he wanted it removed.

But actions of some stars when they get this big (with even bigger egos) make diva'ish /inexplicable decisions.

Smacks of arrogance, I know

I hope he comes up with a reasonable explanation

eonjehna said...

rain's decision to have mbc axe his performance doesn't surprise me at all. just another thing to add to his long line of arrogant behavior. what do his fans see in him that they keep enabling him, anyway?

btw, his pants in the first pic look like they're about to burst at the seams. ick. tacky.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. "molten lava hawt" might be a tad bit extreme. How 'bout "small pebble, under cheap magnifying glass for a few seconds hawt!"?
Liz, it might be simply an economic price thing. MBC had budgeted X KRW, and Rain's management company wanted Y KRW. Remember that broadcasters are really hit by both the economy, AND that people now spend a lot more time with their computers than they do their TVs..

Vic in Long Beach, CA


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