Saturday, 19 September 2009

Rain at MCM’s Saks Fifth Avenue launch

Korean sensation Rain was in New York on Sept 15 to celebrate the launch of MCM’s latest collection at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Fashionable: Rain (left) protects his eyes from the camera flash

The 27-year-old dressed up in black – including really dark sunnies – for the posh affair.

That night, the Rainism singer rubbed shoulders with supermodel Coco Rocha; Kim Sung-joo, Sungjoo Group chairperson and CEO and Terron Schaefer, Group Senior Vice President of Creative & Marketing, Saks Fifth Avenue.

Phototime: Rain and Sungjoo group chairperson
and CEO, Kim Sung-joo

Source: Hankooki

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Anonymous said...

Well, the girl in the dak blue is pretty fine. Rain?? Well, he looks like a mortician. A red and yellow propeller beanie would be the perfect accessory....

Vic in Long Beach

eonjehna said...

uh, no ... it's NOT fashionable to be the only one in a photo who's wearing sunglasses.

i think they call those people 바보.


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