Saturday, 10 October 2009

JYP audition 2009

Hey you, ever thought of yourself as a superstar? Fancy basking in the limelight and leading the glamorous life?

Well, if you can sing, dance, act, host or model, make sure you don’t miss your opportunity to audition for Mr. Park Jin-young.

Yep, the famous JYP a.k.a. the The Asian Soul is on the prowl again for fresh talents and if you’re residing in the USA or Canada, you’re in luck.

Make me a star, JYP!

The man behind the Wonder Girls (and of course, the mentor for Korean sensation Rain) is looking for diamonds in the rough to hone and polish. If you’re a gem waiting to be discovered, moonwalk your way to one of these cities below:

Year 2009
  • Oct 25: Hawaii
  • Oct 31: Los Angeles (Happy Halloween!)
  • Nov 4: San Francisco
  • Nov 7: Seattle
  • Nov 11: Vancouver
  • Nov 13: Denver
  • Nov 15: Chicago
  • Nov 18: Washington D.C.
  • Nov 21: New York
  • Nov 24: Toronto
ANY resident in the US and Canada are eligible to participate regardless of nationality and gender. However, candidates should be born in the year 1982 to 2000.

For more information:

Good luck, people!



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