Sunday, 22 November 2009

Mina wants to shed sexy image

Singer Mina, who became an instant celebrity when she was photographed in an unconventional and sexy ensemble during the 2002 World Cup, returns to her homeland after a stint in China.

In an interview, the 37-year-old talked candidly about dealing with rumours and prejudice against her and how she wants to shed her sexy image.

Serious: 'Take a good look, boys. You ain't gonna
see this much of me no more.'

After getting noticed at the 2002 World Cup, the lady had no peace whenever she appeared at events related to the World Cup. Many haters would post malicious comments about her and Mina was tremendously hurt by their remarks.

Ms. World Cup 2002 was even accused of undergoing plastic surgery and being an exhibitionist. Nonetheless she admits, “To be honest, I worked out really hard because I wanted to be seen.”

Mina had been seen, but it was all for the wrong reasons. And on top of that, the lady faced financial difficulties after her father died and her mother attempted suicide.

Mina then made the decision to relocate to China to rebuild her career.

Sizzle: Mina heating up Maxim

“My younger siblings had to quit their jobs because they needed to look after our mother. I became the sole breadwinner in the family, so I started my career in China, even though I didn't have a manager,” she shares.

“At first, I was very depressed because I was alone in a foreign country, had no friends, and couldn't speak the language.”

Now, the singer is returning to South Korea and wants to rid herself of her sexy image. She said: “I think I'll panic if I'm asked to perform in events related to the 2010 World Cup. I want to be recognised as nothing other than a singer.”

You go girl…and all the best.

Source: The Chosun Ilbo

Mina poses without underwear
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Mina (민아)


Blaise said...

It always irks me when I read hypocritical s*!t like this because she's blaming others for what SHE HERSELF started.

No one asked her to be at the 2002 World Cup half-naked, with her junk and trunk hanging out for all to see.

Yet she's speaking as though she's been 'victimized.

Geez... pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Is this Mina Shin?? 37?????

Vic in Long Beach, CA

Liz said...

Yes Vic, she is the one and the same :)

Ayumi said...

Wow, she went through so much...In Korea, if you emphasize 'sexyness' too much, you'll be hunted down by Netizens and your career gets almost over (just like Ivy & Nickhoon's sexy vampire performance case at 2009 MAMA-Asian MNet Award-! ^^)

Mina is a great singer..Hope she'll turn a new leaf..


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