Monday, 9 November 2009

Rain promotes Ninja Assassin in Seoul

K-popped!’s favourite Hallyu star Rain (real name: Jeong Ji-hoon) was out and about on Nov 9 to promote his Hollywood flick Ninja Assassin.

Deadly: 'Yes, please be quiet. A ninja is talking. If you're not
careful, you won't be waking up from your sleep tonight.'

The 27-year-old spoke to the South Korean media during a press conference at 11am at Lotte Hotel, Seoul.

Rain toplines the James McTeigue-directed flick about Raizo a trained ninja assassin (what else?) who breaks free from his clan to exact revenge on them.

Ninja Assassin
will be released in Malaysia – and South Korea – on Nov 26.

Arrival: Rain (left), along with his faithful
bodyguard, arrives for the PC

Check out the Korean sensation as he talks to the press.

Static wave: He heartthrob does his signature
"static wave" pose for the cameras

Attention: Rain continues to smile for the cameras

Dry lips: Rain is all nerves before the interview

Thrist quencher: 'Ahh, this will do since Liz isn't here to hold my hand.'

Attentive: Rain listens to a question

Relief: 'Man, I thought you were gonna ask me what
colour underwear ninjas wear.'

Cheeky: 'Another personal question and I'll
nunchuk you from over here.'

More Rain and Ninja Assassin news!


Anonymous said...

hes so fiiiiine

Serene said...

Yeah, he looks spiffy

Ayumi said...

*sipping fragrant morning coffee* Heard it was Rain's last-min spontaneous idea to promote the film in Korea first.

I think the flick's gonna be a big success (due to huge fan base around the world, heavy marketing & of course the quality of da film itself);
in addition, his taking Bruce Lee's role in the remake of 'Enter the Dragon' in the future mihgt make him the next 'Jackie Chan', who knows?! Go, rain, go~ Fighting!

Ayumi said...

A couple of other reasons why I'm dying to check out the film are:

1. The famous Wachowski brothers who created the famous 'Matrix' series have planned to produce this film for freakin' 10 yrs!
(If this film becomes a success, Rain will become a household name like Keanu Leeves!!)

2. This Bi's training video:
(90% of the action scenes in the movie were actually done by Rain)

091106 Rain's hard training for NA


The W brothers are dying for a hit. They haven't had one since The Matrix (personally, I did not like it and neither did I like "Speed Racer". It gave me a blooming headache).

Serene said...

I wonder how many members of the press attended this press conference. It must be a biggie because one of korea's favourite sons is making his hollywood debut. He has been bragging about it for the longest time

The media who first called him a world star should have turned out in full force to cover this event

And funny last caption - God only knows how much he hates personal qns. I know you didnt mean it but deep inside, he could have been thinking the same thing, that schmuck.

Ayumi said...

링 said...
>>neither did I like "Speed Racer". It gave me a *blooming* headache<<

LOL~ I know what you was sooo psychidellic.
Unless you are a die-hard Jap comic, "Maha, go, go", the film's a bit hard to digest however exquisitely made it is.
My friend with whom I went to see da film didn't like it, either.
I thought the film was amazing but a bit too long..if it had been shorter, it could have been better.:)


It's obvious that he has gained weight - again. I wonder what his body will look like in Hong Kong ... and Jakarta. There's a segment of his concert where he dances topless for quite a few minutes.

Raarieen said...

OMG! I can't wait to see the movie!! Apparantly,,he has done some 'serious work' in that..yea..just as always..!! Boi! Ain't he like the best!?!!!!?!

And he looks oh-so-adorable in the pics!! Sooooooooo VERY hugable!!!! :D

My!!!!! he's to do another major movie!?!? Whoooaaaa!!!!!!! You are the best Rain!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! LOVE YOU HEAPS,HEAPS AND MORE.....!

Raarieen said...

Ninja Assassin is soooooo gonna be a huge success!!!!!!

~*~Rain Rules!~*~

love you forever and for always Rain!!!!! Mwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!

Ayumi said...

According to his press conference in Korea, Rain said he had been asked to sign for the sequels for Ninja Assassin (NA2, NA3) already!

And in 2010 or 2011, he will be one of the major stars for a big scale film, based on an online game ('War of the craft' or something like that)...

200 million bucks are gonna be spent to produce this 'Lord of the Ring' type/scale of movie;
he will appear with 'Christian Bale' (the dude from Batman) in it.

Serene said...

I really don't know how NA will do but there seems excitement surrounding the release. The trailer is being rotated heavily on US TV - and has been for the past 10 days or so

To get myself into the mood, I watched the Golden Fishery interview with KHD which aired last yr. Sure, he repeats some stuff he has been spewing for ages but I thoroughly enjoyed it.
As usual, he says he looking forward to its release to see how far it'll take him

part 1/8

part 2/8

part 3/8

part 4/8

Ayumi said...

Serene said:
>>there seems excitement surrounding the release. <<

Yeah, Serene, in Korea, also! Every Korean I know and every Korean Netizen
voice that they can't wait to see the film!

One of the reasons is that I guess, there hasn't been real macho Asian martial arts film recently...Jackie Chan doesn't seem to produce a film any more...Guys have been thirsty for an Asian hero and
gals, well....they just luuurrrve Rain!
(When it comes to me, I don't idolize him, but he's kinda like my role model to look up to.
When I start to get lazy, I think of Jung Ji-hoon, and how he pushes himself to limit and lives his life fully and passionately!)

>>The trailer is being rotated heavily on US TV - and has been for the past 10 days or so<<

Thanks for the info and the YTube videos - will check them out soon!^^
Wow, if so, the film has a lot of chance to be a hit.
Rain's also promoting the film now in major cities in U.S and Canada. Heard that he's accompanied only by his Eng. teacher.

eonjehna said...

(If this film becomes a success, Rain will become a household name like Keanu Leeves!!)

LMFAO. Yeah ... EVERYONE knows who Keanu Leeves is.

BTW ... New Moon starts it's movie screen domination this week!! Woot!!!

Ayumi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ayumi said...

Sorry, Keanu Reeves, NOT Keanu Leeves~
It's a Hawaiian name, so I was confused:)

Besides, English is not my mother tongue; it's one of many foreign languages that I speak.

Just curious, eonjehna, why do you hate Rain so much? NO offense..I've been intrigued by you for the past couple of years...^^


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