Sunday, 3 January 2010

Hyun Ah of 4 minute shows Change

Hyun Ah of 4 minute has completed her solo project and the jacket photo of her super single entitled Change is released Jan 3.

Hyun-Ah: Formerly of Wonder Girls, and now of 4 minute, is set
to release her solo project called Change

The former Wonder Girl is all dolled up, looking sporty yet sexy. She exudes the hip hop glam of the 80s.

The MV teaser for Change will be released Jan 4 and Hyun Ah is set to perform her new single on KBS Music Bank on Jan 8.

Source: MSN News

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varms said...

I'm waiting for God of Study!!! Thanks goodness for KBS World. Lee Da Hae's a bit iffy for me...


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