Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Oh Ji-ho’s nightclub singing stint

“Right after completing national service, I attempted to be a nightclub singer with my cousin,” Oh Ji-ho revealed during a KBS 2TV programme.

Almost singer: Oh Ji-ho had a few stints at the
nightclub after national service

The 34 year old appeared in the show Tell Me Who Your Type Is: New Year’s Edition where a group of female celebrities competed for the “most attractive” title. Perhaps it was because he was in the presence of such beauty that The Slave Hunters actor dished out such a secret.

Anyway, Mr. Dimples did not walk down the guitar-toting path as the model turned actor discovered that the nocturnal lifestyle of a nightclub singer did not go well with his acting aspirations.

He said: “It was just for the experience at first, but once I got to know the lifestyle (reversed night and day), I thought it might negatively affect my life as an actor.

“I called it quits eventually because I thought it was not the career I wanted, which was to become an actor.”

Well, thank God for that. Otherwise Oppa will be holed up in some dingy club doing cover versions of The Beatles while the rest of the world remains ignorant of his existence.

Oppa then drew applause from the audience after singing for them. Dang, who has that video clip? Share please.

Source: Newsen with translations by Joe Gimm

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