Friday, 22 January 2010

Poh siblings of Malaysia on Chit Chat of Beautiful Ladies

Two Malaysian siblings appeared on South Korean talk show Chit Chat of Beautiful Ladies. The Dec 30 episode was on handsome men and beautiful women.

Poh Jing Chieh and Poh Khay Inn, both of whom are studying in Korea University, drew much attention during the show. Jing Chieh, the elder brother, is a 4th year mechanical engineering student while Khay Inn is a 3rd year chemical and biological engineering student.

Brother & sister: Jing Chieh (left) & Khay Inn on Korean TV

The episode focused on “hoonnam” or handsome men around the world. While the men on the show were beating their chests about how charming they were, one guy drew the ladies’ attention. He was Jing Chieh.

In the genes: Brother handsome but sister ain't pretty?
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

The host of the show asked Khay Inn, “Do people say Jing Chieh is handsome?”

She replied: “Yes, many people say so. Sometimes, I hear people go ‘Wow, that guy is cute!’ upon seeing him at campus and I would proudly say ‘He is my brother.’”

The host then asked Jing Chieh, “Do people also say that your sister is pretty?” He made everyone laugh by replying “No”.

Chit Chat of Beautiful Ladies is struggling with low ratings after a controversial episode on Dec 6. One of its Korean guests said that “guys under 180cm are losers”.


Source: Artnews with translations by Joe Gimm

Sophia Ridza of Chit Chat With Beautiful Ladies talks to K-popped!

Chit Chat of Beautiful Ladies model at fashion show


Wawa said...

but the cameraman loves khay inn coz of her adorable smiles... hihihi! now i have reason to catch misuda on KBS World again... ;)

paRK_hyUN_fiQ said...

really enjoy this show..
fall in luv with marie yon..

paRK_hyUN_fiQ said...

but last time,we have sofea right?
where is she yepp?

Anonymous said...

but i kinda hate how the pd did not edit the elton guy shows a bad image to muslims all over the world just because of that one guy.

Kamarul said...

Sofia Ridza already came back to Malaysia as she finished her study...

About the Elton, it's not so surprise to me but what I surprised was when the Israeli girl looks angry at Elton when he said he ate pork...because Jewish is same like Muslim, they don't eat pork, Muslim has to eat halal food & Jewish has to eat kosher food... (I don't know which episode but is it this episode u guys talking about?)


paRK_hyUN_fiQ said...

i know about that part 2..
seem that huiseok plays with elton about that thing..
pork n bla bla..
n as usual,elton just laugh n blur..

paRK_hyUN_fiQ said...

to kamarul:
thanks for da info..

CY said...

harlo harlo..i saw this episode in Korea.. though i had not a clue what they were talking about.. LOL.

Not sure what you guys were discussing, but coming from the land of kimchi,soju,and sam-gypeol-sal (yum!), most (domestic) koreans are not exactly aware of the whole "israeli/muslims cant eat pork thingy".

We only know that coz we live in Malaysia.

I had a korean room mate on campus who cooked some pork... and had some saudi arabian fren came over (muslim of course).

She was quite upset that he refused to eat, and could not understand that it wasn't because of her cooking that he didnt want to eat. I had to keep telling her it had nothing to do with her.

And that is also coz she was ranting about it the whole night.LOL.

If they were talking bad about Korea, maybe the PD may edit that part, as it will be controversial to koreans.

But dwaeji, soju, and kimchi are almost their everyday staple diet.

|| Lyññ || said...

typo error...
Jing Chieh, the elder brother, is a 4th year mechanical engineering student while JING CHIEH is a 3rd year chemical and biological engineering student


I love watching Misuda! Love it even more after they brought in the guys... Elton is really funny... I don't think Tzabarit is Muslim though... I think she's Jewish... she celebrates Hanukkah... she looks tough but she's cool~~

paRK_hyUN_fiQ said...

tzabarit is jewish of course..
involved in army..

putry ee-bbeun-ee said...

doeas anyone noe how to be one as da permanent on chit chat wit beautiful ladies?
how to enter dis program?


putry ee-bbeun-ee said...

omo~ i mean does..not doeas.^^

pwetty pwetty pleash tell me yeah if u noe.
handsme handsme .. ^^ anybody..

once again thx thx thx

Liz said...

Thanks for spotting the error, Lynn. Better late than never :-). I have corrected the mistake.

Anonymous said...

love poh jing cheih cute smile


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