Thursday, 14 January 2010

Picture of Infinity Challenge team in Sepang, Malaysia

The proof is in the photo, peeps.

Meeting the stars: Choi In-young (green shirt) with the Infinity
Challenge hosts (l-r): Park Myung-soo, Gil & Noh Hong-chul

Yup, K-popped! managed to get their hands on a pic of (part of) the Infinity Challenge team while they were in Sepang, Malaysia. Read on for the story.

While thoroughly enjoying a home-cooked Korean meal today, my lunch companion whipped out the photo you see above...and I almost keeled over with joy.

Yes folks, we’ve heard that the Infinity Challenge team was in Malaysia to film their show, but it was such a hush-hush thing that there wasn’t much info about it…but that’s about to change.

Apparently, many turned up at the shooting location in Sepang when news spread within the Korean community in Malaysia that the stars were in town. Yet, no one was allowed to see the hosts of the variety programme, save for a few lucky individuals.

One of them was Choi In-young (pic above), who is incidentally the director of Korean BBQ Han Sung Restaurant. Choi was contracted to cater for the team when they were in Malaysia. Uh huh, for three days and two nights, the Infinity Challenge team supped on delicious home-cooked Korean fare from Han Sung Restaurant.

According to Daisy Choi, public relations manager of Han Sung Restaurant, the photo was taken on Jan 7 (Thurs).

Daisy’ father, Choi In-young, was most impressed with Noh Hong-chul’s politeness. The comedian kept saying “thank you”. It is also reported that Gil – who is dating former Jewelry member Park Jung-ah – can really eat. Let’s just say he thoroughly enjoyed the spread from the catering service.

Did you have an encounter with the Infinity Challenge team while they were here?

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Infinity Challenge team in Sepang, Malaysia


|| Lyññ || said...

OMG!! WHY WHY??? Park Myung-soo is hilarious!! I love watching him on Happy Sunday (is the sauna chat show right? lol)... Hush hush indeed...

iciviuja said...

You mean Happy Together, right.. i love his wig.^^

aoki said...

Awww I'd love to meet Hong Chul~

Anonymous said...

yup i saw them!!!totally by accident tho coz i was having a forum in pan pac klia n i just run thru them!d whole bunch of crews.even hav breakfast at d same place with myung soo ahjushi n hong chul oppa haha.i even speak to hyung don my pics wit them =p

with noh hong chul

with park myung soo

i saw them on 7th Jan.even go to sepang later dat evening but didnt c them.anyone know d exact date they went back to korea?


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