Saturday, 23 January 2010

Seven Crunchyroll premium accounts to be given away


So you like drama account giveaways, don’t you? The good news is, the generous folks at Crunchyroll are giving away 7 premium accounts through K-popped!

Giveaway: Get your free premium accounts today!

Up for grabs are:

• 4 X three-month drama membership,
• 2 X one-year drama membership &
• 1 X one-year anime and drama membership!

Follow the steps below to be eligible for the giveaway.

Step 1:
Giveaway is only open to readers residing in North and South America. (It’s the licensing issue again, friends.)

Step 2:
Tell us why Crunchyroll is your choice of online entertainment. Write your thoughts at the comments section below in 50 words or less. Leave us your Crunchyroll username as well.

Don’t have an existing Crunchyroll account? You are required to register for a free account here. If you’re one of the giveaway recipients, your account will automatically be upgraded.

Step 3:
You can write in as many times as you want, but make sure every entry adheres to the rules. Contest period ends Jan 30 at 12pm (Malaysian time).

The seven (7) recipients of the premium accounts will be determined at the discretion of K-popped! and Crunchyroll.

Good luck! :-)

Winners list


Anonymous said...

I love Crunchyroll because they have anime and dramas. As a fan of both, it is perfect for me.
Crunchyroll username: cdngrl

Anonymous said...

i love Crunchyroll because it's legal. in exchange for a few seconds of ads, i don't feel so guilty watching some of my favorite dramas. it would be pretty superfly without the ads too!

username: annieh0287

Anonymous said...

I started on Crunchyroll by watching Anime almost 4 since then it's only gotten better! It's a great site - quite easy to navigate and has very high quality, legal stuff!

username: applejojo

paRK_hyUN_fiQ said...

ma fav..

Charisse said...

I can always rely on Crunchyroll to have my favorite Korean Dramas to feed my drama addiction. I watched Coffee Prince in one sitting, and I couldn't have done it without Crunchyroll because not only do they provide the best selection of animes and dramas, but it's also legal.

Thea said...

I love Crunchyroll because it is a great source for anime in high quality. And you'll always find all the episodes so you'll never miss any of the juicy details.
Crunchyroll user name: TealTokki

Anonymous said...

I've been a member on crunchyroll since '07, they've been feeding my anime/drama needs since I was in high school. They upload new episodes quickly and the streaming quality is always great :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I forgot to include my cr username: coney

Bum said...

I love crunchroll simply because it introduced me to Korean dramas. I would have never known about Korean dramas if it wasn't for that website. And watching Korean dramas is a big part of my life especially, especially learning to cook the food that they have in dramas. =)

CR username: mmmlove86

Sera said...

There's only one site that i go whenever i need a boost of serotonin-Crunchyroll! I fell in love with this site because it has a plethora of high quality anime/drama and it is also my favorite sushi. Me and crunchyroll are meant to be.

Sera said...

Username: sierra_86

Sera said...
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stevieY said...

Crunchyroll is one of my favorite. I have been a Crunchyroll's member even before they have premium accounts for members. Crunchyroll have been in my bookmark since 2004.

CR username: captainkt9

Anonymous said...

Crunchyroll?! I don't know what you are talking about, for my entertainment, I go only to Ok, I admit I admit I love crunchyroll too. It has just about every asian drama on it, and I love love love asian dramas. I don't know why they just don't make them that well here in the USofA.


username: Ayahu

lailaie said...

Crunchyroll is great for keeping up to date on all my asian dramas!

username: lailaie

Daryl said...

I have been a member of crunchyroll since its debut. It was simple back then. users like myself were the ones uploading videos. Copyright issues were not as tight as it is now. however, the good thing about the new updated crunchyroll is that it has better quality videos which I very much like. crunchyroll rocks. username: mystica

mia said...

It was by chance I found Crunchyroll and I've never looked back since. Where else can you get all these drama's and not have to download a thing, it's awesome! I have to say the Iphone App is the best too. Thanks by username: meechu ^_^

Mrs. Kim said...

I LOVE Crunchyroll! I have been a member since 2008, and I have to say, I watch practically all my anime shows there! I am in the middle of 4 different animes right now! >.< I recommend this site to anyone that asks for a nice Anime/Drama site. Even if I don't qualify, I would like to say, thank you for having great sites out there like Crunchyroll and K-Popped! Thanks!!

Username: MrsParkYoochun

Raven said...

I became a member of Crunchyroll May of 2007 desperately searching for episodes of my first anime—Naruto! From there I found myself watching not only anime, but dramas too and I haven’t looked back since. Thank you Crunchyroll for bringing my attention to the wide scope of Asian entertainment!

Crunchyroll username: naruto_destiny

Charisse said...

I can always rely on Crunchyroll to have my favorite Korean Dramas to feed my drama addiction. I watched Coffee Prince in one sitting, and I couldn't have done it without Crunchyroll because not only do they provide the best selection of animes and dramas, but it's also legal.


Liz said...

Thank you to all those who participated. We will announce the recipients shortly.

Anonymous said...

Did they post the winners? Did I win? ;D


Liz said...

The winners have been posted. Pls hit the Related link "Winners list" in the article above.


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