Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Lee Min-ho introduces LUCIDarling

Boys Over Flowers actor Lee Min-ho (23) appears to the press on Feb 10 for Etude House to introduce the brand’s new makeup line called LUCIDarling.

Introduction: 'Meet my new darling - LUCI'

Participants of the event – which was held in Gangnam-gu, Seoul – not only had the opportunity to gaze at at Min-ho’s prettily made-up mug, but they also attended a beauty class where LUCIDarling products were used.

Laying it on thick: 'Yes, my lips can only look so great
with a double coat of lipgloss'

For those who miss Min-ho sshi, the actor is set to return to the small screen in March for an MBC drama series entitled Personal Taste :-).

Make-up: 'I don't leave home without it!'

Embarassed: 'It's OK if you're not as good as me in applying
eyeliner. Practice makes perfect!'

The look: 'I always go for big, beautiful eyes and
pouty, pillowy lips. Thank you.'

Source: MSN News

Photos of Lee Min Ho in Malaysia!

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teh said...

pics of him in the second and last look very difference!
did he gain some weight?
or since this is a cosmetic promotion,he had a thick make-up?
anyhow,damn sweet!
i just can't wait to see him in his new drama!!yeayy!

Payad said...

Yes yes, itink he did gained some weight!but still very handsome and dashing!!~


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