Saturday, 13 February 2010

MY Hottest raises RM3,000 for Haiti

The Love at 2PM charity event, organised by Malaysian fans of Korean boyband 2PM, has successfully raised RM3,000 for Haiti. The proceeds will be donated to UNICEF’s Haiti relief fund.

Kpop family: Meet friends who are into Kpop

The amount was collected from the fan club’s many efforts. Apart from the RM10 entrance fee of the event, fans also raised money through the sale of merchandise, the generous donations of fans as well as the sale of food from The Street CafĂ©’s booth.

The Love at 2PM event - held at Korea Plaza in Menara Hap Seng on Jan 30 - had a charity show by the fans, for the fans. Kpop enthusiasts danced and sang to their favourite idol groups’ songs. You might think that the event is just for the fangirls, but you’re (quite) wrong.

Waiting: Are you part of the crowd?

Masks: Will the real Phantom of the Opera please stand up?

While it was undoubtedly a girl-dominated affair, the guys were proudly represented as well.

Take for instance Khazans, a 7-member group that danced to a variety of Kpop hits such as Again & Again (2PM), Sorry Sorry (Super Junior), Heartbeat (2PM) and Mister (Kara) (eh, I would like to see that one - Liz).

Formation: 'We're quite acrobatic too'

In addition, there was also a B-boy performance from the Royal Phantom Dance Studio. Love at 2PM not only brought Malaysian Kpop fans together, but also put the fans’ love and admiration for 2PM to a good cause.

Kudos to the organisers for their hardwork.

MY Hottest to organise Love at 2PM


fishama87 said...

~The event really all the performances...~

The group that wear mask known as "Frequency Crew"~

Hope to see more event like this in the future~

TQ MYhottest for the event~

Sandra said...

OMG...i see my face in the picture...wahhahahahahahahahha XD

nielmie said...

waaa..i can see my face toooooo!!!!


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